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The place we livin in is turning into Nigeria....actually WORSE !

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Sep 28, 2010
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The tactics scammers are now using here in this country is getting sick and pathetic.
I now get phone calls, saying that someone is trying to sue me, and I need to call these people to take care of this settlement. And it's all fabrication. Not only that, they call my family members asking for me, saying all kinds of intimidating things, to scare them into giving info about me.
First I get a message on my phone, saying I need to take care of an issue with a property located in (and they name a city I used to live in). I don't own property in that city. I don't own property at all. Then the same people call a family member within minutes of that call, looking for me, and when my family member pressures them what it's about, they say someone is trying to sue me about a collision. Well, I havn't been in a collision in years. And interesting how this company gives 2 completely different stories to me and th family member. On one message it's about a property. On another message it's about a collision. And it's the same company
My family members asks how these people got their number, and the guy said I put their number down as a reference. Nope, I never put family names or numbers down for anything.
I Googled the phone number they called from, and there's all kinds of complaints about it.
That these people pretend to be bill collectors, or law offices, but they are really fake bill collectors. They try to convince you that you owe someone money, whether it's a lawsuit or something else, when you really don't. And I'm sure a lot of people fall for this and pay them, out of fear of a lawsuit.
So, how do they get my family numbers info ?
It's amazing how simple it is.
Anyone can google you, and it will lead to sites like Intelius, which is a People Search site, which gives LOADS of personal info out FOR FREE.
This is the type of info that Intelius gives out FOR FREE, JUST by typing in a person's first and last name.
They give out -
* Your entire legal name, including middle name
* Your age
* Every city that you've EVER lived in
* All the names of your immediate family members
* Your current and past employers
* Colleges you attended
One of the culprits I found out that is responsible for leaking such info is LinkedIn.
There is information on Intelius about me, and I am 100% positive, that the only place I gave that information to is LinkedIn. So I deleted my LinkedIn account. But that's only PART of the problem of course, because they're getting info from other sources too, of course.
I researched and there's other sites like Intelius that do the same thing.
And to remove your info, I found out you have to go to EACH site, and send them all sorts of ID info to prove you are, and in some cases pay a fee to have your info removed. But who knows if that will solve the problem.
IMO, it should be illegal for these sites to provide so much personal data on someone without your permission.
What can we do about this ?

Lanky Livingston

If you send me your bank account numbers and online passwords, I'll make sure those are protected!!

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Oct 1, 2009
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Caller ID is such a good thing. If I don't recognize a number, the answering machine will take the call. Most never leave a message and my next step is to dial *60 and enter the number that just called - blocked forever!

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