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The Pet Thread


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Nov 18, 2012
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I thought a thread concerning any and all things pets would be a fun idea. Basically pics of your own pets with advice on training, diet and so forth could be shared.

For starters, does anyone have a good method on house training puppies? Below is the trainee.

Dogs instinctively know to go outside but need to be shown where and how.

When you see your pup sniffing towards the door, let it out immediately. Then as its going give it praise so it knows thats the right thing to do. And if it goes inside a good scolding followed by putting it outside is what works.
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Okay i appreciate the advice. Sounds like we're on the right path and have been doing that method. He just hasn't got to the phase where he's "telling" us by going towards the door yet. Gets us with sneak attacks lol.
Here is a pic of mine from his FB page. Ricky is a bengal cat (a thread is somewhere around here in this forum about these cats).


We hit the road on Thusday for two days of traveling/moving. This is going to be quite the experience with him. With all the packed boxes around here, Ricky knows something is up.
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Burgandy Burner that is a bad ass looking cat. Just got that what you woulda seen in ancient Egypt vibe. I was gonna get a cat (Maine Coone) but the wife wasn't having it. How'd he do on the trip?

Mike that's a great/cute pic of your dogs. Seems like they're great around one another. German Sheperds are such a cool looking breed. Just one of those "don't **** with this house" stare.
The trip is coming Thursday - Saturday. Hope to be moved in by Saturday evening. Later the following week, I'll let you know how it went (when I get back online).
Well this dog has grown 5 lbs in the last week and a half already. Started him on this "vet recommended" Science dog food and he said it's like dog food steroids, and he should grow 10-15lbs a month now. Anyone else have their pet on a strict diet? This **** costs $50 for a 35 lb bag!
Well the vet said he'd grow quick and wasn't lying. The pic in the first post he was 15lbs. Weighed him yesterday at PetZoo and he's 50lbs at 4-1/2 months old. Oh and apparently he's a chick magnet too, every female in the store came over to pet and talk to him.

My oldest Brendan and Chachi around Christmas. The Yorkie "Athena" is my wifes.

Same son taken today.
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Couple weeks he'll be 6 months and topping 70lbs. Eats like a glutton too.


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One more from the day.


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Thanks Miles and the only time he drools is when he attacks his water, very weird. His jaws are starting to sag more but I don't think he'll be one of those Bernard's you always have to have a slobber rag for.
My uncle had a St Bernard when I was a kid. His name was Charlie and he was HUGE! Whenever he, my aunt and cousins would visit, they would bring Charlie. Well, we had a giant German Shepherd. He was a long haired shepherd and weighed in at about 180. I loved when they would visit because our modestly sized home would become a mad house with 5 kids, 4 adults and 2 giant dogs! Great memories of my childhood involve that St. Bernard.

As for my current pup, I have an Anatolian Shepherd mix. I fear for her though, as great as Oliver(That huge German Shepherd of my youth) and Charlie(the enormous St Bernard) were with kids, my dog is vey timid around my boy.

Anyway, here's a few images of my pup in the snow a few years back.





No doubt El, it's hilarious to watch a big dog playing around thinking he's a small pup. My saint def has a fun personality to him.

Wow, that's a good looking dog you've got yourself there. I've never heard of that breed but from your pics he looks like a VERY fun dog to be around. Energetic dogs tend to wake the owners up and off the couch, lol.
Awesome...watching dogs play in the snow is one of life's little pleasures.
Anybody have a harness to walk their dog? Mine is such a pain in the ass trying to sit or go back to our starting point I have to damn near drag him along. Maybe the harness leash first with the next step being a pincher.

Something like this
I've used harnesses for my pugs for 10 years, they've been very responsive to them from day one. Now all they have to do is see it and the hyperactivity starts lol. Since they put no strain on their neck and provides better control of the dog it's the way to go imo.
Well this dog has grown 5 lbs in the last week and a half already. Started him on this "vet recommended" Science dog food and he said it's like dog food steroids, and he should grow 10-15lbs a month now. Anyone else have their pet on a strict diet? This **** costs $50 for a 35 lb bag!

As I do a drive by to say hi to folks here this is of course one of the first threads I see and of course I have to open my mouth LOL


One thing to note is Vets get paid to sell the junk from Hills and honestly they receive zero to no training on nutrition. Check out


As for a harness that is all I use on my 4. I hate collars.

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