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The Orioooooo's, HUN!!!

Lanky Livingston

The Orioles are exactly 3 games back from the Yankees for first place in the East, with a HUGE 3-game series looming this weekend. Unbelievable! When was the last time Orioles baseball was exciting in September??

Don't know if they'll hang on, but I know I'm enjoying the ride!
It's funny...or coincidental...the last time there was this much excitement for the O's was when Davey Johnson was Manager.
Orioles take game 1 of the crucial 3 game series against the Yankees! They are now only 2 games back.
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I'm not a huge baseball fan, and my cheering for the nats has to do with them being a Washington team; I'm admittedly a bandwagon fan, if they weren't playing well I probably wouldn't know 2/3 of the roster.

But I can't help but feel bad for the baltimore players. They have been completely overshadowed in the news due to the nats (in the DC area). They are drawing abysmal attendance numbers :(

I hope they do very well and have a hell of a playoff run. The players deserve recognition for what they have done with so little to work with. They had one of the beat reporters for the team on ESPN 980 yesterday and it sounds like some managerial genius taking place that has put the team in their current position. Moving guys up/down and bringing them in/letting them go based on a game-to-game schedule. I haven't watched many games but I'll certainly enjoy watching our neighbors to the north in the playoffs if they can keep it up!
The O's took 2 of 3 from the Yankees, and are now only 2 games behind in the AL East! This September should be exciting!
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I just can't get over the fact the O's are in it in September. It's been over 12 years...
I just can't get over the fact the O's are in it in September. It's been over 12 years...

They are long overdue!

The O's have 26 games left; 7 against the Jays, 4 against the Yankees, 3 against the Rays, 3 against the A's, 3 against the Mariners, 6 against the Red Sox.

I don't want to get my hopes up, but these remaining games set up perfectly for the O's to take the East. How exciting would that be???
Rays help us out by beating the Yankees, and the O's took care of business in Toronto, and are now only one game back! Unbelievable! This is shaping up to be a very tight race!
Sweep 'em Rays!

If we come out of this series with the Blue Jays a game ahead of the Yankees, I am likely to **** myself.
That win tonight is the stuff that champions are made from. I am not saying the O's are even going to win the Wild Card spot, but tonight's win...like much of their play over the last month...is making me really believe!
Man...Nats hit 12 home runs in two nights (including one from Bryce Harper that hasn't landed yet), then the Orioles hit 6 bombs last night, Chris Davis almost hitting Boog's...man! Its like the whole Baltimore/Washington area was crop-dusted with steroids!

Just watched the highlights - definitely a clutch win. Hate to see them give up 5 runs like that, but then to have a bottom of the 8th like that...wow! Amazing.
O's need to get some momentum back this evening, the Rays winning does no good if we lose, I really dont want to stare at a 3 way tie in the al east
Half game up on the A's and 4 games up on the Angels for the Wild Card, half game behind the Spankees for first place in the East. Let's hope the Red Sox play this upcoming series with them like its a rivalry!
Orioles just keep on winning! Unfortunately, so do the Yankees!
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Yeah, they got lucky tonight. Yankees that is...

Come on A's!
O's for October! The Orioles are in the playoffs!
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Finally, the playoffs have come back to BALTIMORE !!!!

In my best Rock impersonation

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