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The Official 'Get the Hell Out Snyder!' Prediction Contest


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It's coming.

The Dark Angel.
Lord Farquaad.

Our horrible owner is on the way out. It may be the only thing about the 2022 season worth celebrating - but it's a helluva happy occasion.

Let's have a little fun at his expense.

Predict the day and hour of his departure. The BGO member who nails it to the closest hour wins a little celebratory article of rememberance, a 'Sell the Team' t-shirt, color/size of your choosing. The 'correct' day and hour will be defined by the time of the Adam Schefter tweet that the team has officially been sold.

It's going to be a beautiful day - but which day/hour will it be?

I’d prefer a ‘Sold The Team’ shirt. 😉
My prediction is that we get a Valentine's Day gift. Feb 14th at 4 p.m.
March 26th @ 5pm eastern time.
April 1st at 8am and none of us will believe it because of the date. But it will be true.
Edit: Since its agreed and not completed March 15th 2pm
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is this "agreed in principle" or is it "Sale has been signed and finalized"?
I think the first thing we will get is an announcement that the sale is agreed pending approval of the NFL owners.

That has been the first announcement in most of the recent transactions.
If we're going by that.. I think it's the week leading up to Super Bowl week.

Wednesday February 1, 2023 at 11:00 AM
Valentines Day. Feb 14. 9am Est
February 6th is a very personal and important date to me with lots of significance. I will say February 6th to add even more meaning to that day.
While my gut says it's going to be later than we'd all like---say late March/early April---for this exercise I'm channeling the NFL public relations department and going with Friday Feb. 10 at 4:00 pm.

Weekend news cycle on Super Bowl weekend. Perfect storm.
I think the 'sale' as a prelim is completed by the end of January. But the official transfer of title to the team and properties won't come until very close to the April draft.

For that reason, I am afraid we are stuck with Rivera as the GM once again, with the 67 year old Hurney backing up his decisions as the 'yes man' in the front office.

Luckily, a team about to be sold usually doesn't make any big ticket moves in the offseason to add payroll or trade picks, so it MAY help Sam Howell go into 2023 with a fair chance to be the starting quarterback.
"....by the end of January" is rather a non-specific prediction, brother Bulldog. Care to whittle that down? ;)
My gut tells me it's going to take longer than this, but I'll go with Feb 15th 3pm.

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