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The NFL Should Take Notice...


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Jun 30, 2009
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I have been a die hard Redskins since the early 70's and a fan of the pro game nearly that long. I am an NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber for 11 seasons now and often watch 5 or 6 different games a weekend. I have treated playoff football with a respect boarding that of a religious zealot for over 3 decades now, hardly ever missing a game regardless of who was playing. All this with my team being a shell of it's glorious self from the 80's when everyone knew the Skins would be in the mix one way or another.

This weekend I watched one complete playoff game. Tottenham v Arsenal in the third round of the English FA Cup. Yep...I watched soccer and then turned the TV off.

I didn't see a single snap of the Chiefs and Colts, watched 2 or 3 series of the Saints and Eagles. That was it for Saturday. On Sunday I voluntarily opted to paint our master bathroom rather than watch either game that was on. I'm traveling on business this next weekend and might just miss all 4 games then too. And I am unconcerned.

The simple matter is that the game is broken and I am loosing interest. At least when my team isn't playing. The question is how long will it take for me to loose interest even when the Burgundy and Gold are on my screen?

There is too much "me" in the game now and not enough team. Officials make too many mistakes. The league is too concerned with money and image, and not concerned enough with fielding an entertaining product. They focus on the minutia like uniform violations and TD celebrations while giving only cursory attention bigger picture issues. Players are more concerned with how their individual plays will be celebrated than with making the damn play to begin with. They often come off as millionaire prima donnas who believe themselves to be above the rest of us.

In short, the NFL is loosing me by going down it's current path and the ideas it is entertaining for the future will not help. I don't want an 18 game season or more teams in the playoffs. Those are nothing but money grabs by owners already rolling in money.

Take notice NFL. Five years ago you could not have paid me to watch a soccer match. Now, I will watch European soccer over an NFL contest unless my Skins are playing.
But Bob, the irony is that you missed 3 of the most competitive entertaining wildcard games ever. I tend to agree with you regarding the general direction of the NFL, but this weekends action was pretty high drama...
I'm not saying their are not exciting things to watch, guys. There are good games every weekend, without a doubt. However, no one could have predicted that any of these guys would have been this good last Friday.

My problem is the level of BS that comes with those exciting games.
Both valid thoughts, Mike.
I tend to agree with much of what you say Bob, and I see a future that has me watching less NFL football if they continue down the "me" road. Unfortunately, the media plays a huge part in it and that is unlikely to change. They glorify the "me"...

At this point, I am not ready to quit them...but I can see it happening. I never thought so before.
I concur. I have ditched regular season games outside of Redskin games, but I still stick with the playoffs...for now.

A couple of random thoughts:

You (and me) are no longer in the demographic that the league is seeking. They cater to the teens and 20s. That generation has no problem with "me, me, me".

Those are much the same reasons I quit watching basketball years ago. Why did I continue to watch football? I'm not even sure why but I see the same thing happening with football.

I agree with El that the media has a huge role to play in this. They focus on the individual and celebrate selfishness.

This tracks general trends in American society. From emphasizing "me" at the expense of community to focusing on things that don't really matter and ignoring the important things.

If the league thinks it will always be the most important, most popular sport in America, they had better think again. Baseball was once the most popular sport in the nation; it no longer is. Prior to that, boxing was the most popular sport in the nation; it no longer is.
Something tells me you weren't missed. The games this weekend were far and away the most watched programs of the week. The 49ers-Packers game is the most watched wild card game ever.

Wild Card Weekend Most Watched Ever - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers

The NFL has it's issues, but it's as hot now as it ever has been.
Something tells me you weren't missed.

I'm sure I wasn't missed. Not by the league. And that is okay.

But you can be sure that if I am saying something about it and doing something about it, others are thinking it. They just may not be at the same point I am yet.

And I haven't thrown in the towel completely. I will more than likely watch the two championship games, I will certainly tune in for the Super Bowl, and I will once again be front and center before my TV on Sunday the week after Labor Day to see the Skins play.

I do think we are at or approaching a watershed moment with this sport though and if the league isn't careful it will find itself looking up at a different sport as top dog.
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I missed you :(
I think one of the biggest problems the NFL faces is the decline in the stadium experience. Between the obnoxious piped in music, ads at every possible moment, jumbotrons telling fans when to cheer and when to be quiet, and escalating fan on fan intimidation and violence (including some killings this year!), I don't know why anyone would want to be a season ticket holder.
Neo - I agree with you on this.

I don't watch much football outside of Redskins anymore - i'll watch the playoffs, but not regular season.

I'm pretty sure I bought my last jersey too... I'll be buying team stuff in the future, assuming I kill my boycott and start buying nfl apparel again.

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