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The Marching Band Got Its Song Back


For those of you who don't know, a year (or two?) ago the Redskins changed their policies. Following a successful field goal the marching band would play, but after a touchdown (specifically after the 1 or 2 point conversion) the marching band would not be allowed to play. In their place a pre-recorded version of the song would be played over the loud speakers.

The reasoning, released by the Redskins organization, was that stadium goers had complained that they couldn't hear the song start and couldn't follow along when the band played because it was too quiet and could not be heard over the cheering. So the easiest solution was to just pump it over the speakers.

I personally didn't like it. In fact, I don't know anyone that did; but it's what the Redskins claimed was the feedback from their surveys.

When I got home at 3 AM Monday morning following the Cowboys game I watched the last 5 minutes of the game. I wanted to see what it looked like on TV. Well - NBC did an absolute bang up job of just shutting up Collinsworth and Michaels and panning around the stadium showing us all singing the fight song.

But I noticed something weird... something I didn't notice while I was at the stadium (too busy hugging random people and having beer spilled all over me - never enjoyed having beer spilled all over me before :) )... the marching band was playing.

Now I had just assumed that was because the marching band collectively decided that the moment was entirely too big to not be a part of it - and rightfully so. I did a little fist pump to myself for them - way to show the spirit and make yourself part of the moment, survey feedback be damned.

Well - the Washington Post noticed too and did some digging. Looks like prior to that game the Redskins decided to change their policy:

So kudos to the marching band for getting their song back. I thoroughly look forward to singing along with them on Sunday, and in the future :)

Here's a link to the NFL's crappy video of it

I'm going to make a ringtone out of that as soon as I have time :)
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Although I've only ever been to one preseason game at FedEx Field, back in the day at RFK they used to have the band play but had the "Redskins Singers" sing the fight song after touchdowns and the crowd would sing along.

Can't believe the band was ever excluded. Glad they got their "mojo" back.
ringtone is attached in mp3 format for those that want it. it starts with the lead up to the RAH RAH RAH part.
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