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The losses are piling up.... there goes retirement

Dead Money

, Mike Wise HATE'r
Jul 25, 2009
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Suddenly, my problems don't seem so bad. Thanks :laugh:

Seriously though, things have to go up sometime, right? Hang in there.
Glad you find positivity here for yourself! Well I guess that's the point man... It was just the last kick in the nuts of a really really bad 12 yr run.. (not gonna go into 911 and the following few yrs) whats 12 years in the big picture? We'll see.
Thinking good thoughts for you my friend. You have lots of company out there, not that that's any particular consolation. When you say your NJ property is gone, do you mean the house was destroyed by Sandy? And the property can't be 'gone', right? Under water I'm guessing, but the water will recede and that property would be worth something then, wouldn't it?
John, three doors from the beach, rear property line was actually a 6 foot retaining wall made of concrete and railroad ties with our rear neighbors' house 35' away. That collapsed and allowed water to gut the house and leave a huge cut through the property like a crevasse. Insurance will do something, but we have no idea. Just holding onto it has been a hardship for multiple years... I'm quite sure it becomes a buyers market immediately and the market will be flooded (again no pun) with available properties turning this into a fraction of its worth overnight. A very small fraction.

That's how it goes, I appreciate the kind words, just in shock sitting here in California in awe. My friends and some family that live there have it much worse, we'll survive just another big loss to one of millions I guess.
Oh man, Kevin. I don't know why bad things happen to good people, and I probably never will. Sucks, because I know how hard you work on those dang yachts! Keep your chin up man, good things will happen for you, I'm positive. It has to balance at some point!

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