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The Denver Post says Shanahan Appears Headed to Redskins


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Jun 30, 2009
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This article appeared in this evening's Denver Post online:

Shanahan appears headed to Redskins
By Mike Klis
The Denver Post
Posted: 12/17/2009 05:17:48 PM MST
Updated: 12/17/2009 05:34:25 PM MST

Mike Shanahan (Hyoung Chang, Denver Post file photo)

Former Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan has been in discussions to become the Washington Redskins' next head coach, according to two NFL sources.

The two sides still have some issues to work through, however, before an agreement is reached. The 4-9 Redskins long have been eliminated from playoff contention and have three games remaining with coach Jim Zorn.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder began housecleaning Wednesday with Bruce Allen replacing Vinny Cerrato as general manager. One NFL source said that when Shanahan spoke with the Buffalo Bills last month about their new front-office/coaching openings, Allen was to be included in the package there.

The Allen-Shanahan partnership appears ready to take control of the struggling, but tradition-rich franchise in the nation's capital.

Shanahan was the Broncos' coach for 14 seasons, winning back-to-back Super Bowls in 1997-98, until he was fired after his third consecutive non-playoff appearance last season.

Allen was Tampa Bay's GM for five seasons until he was fired after last season.

At first glance, the Redskins' GM change Wednesday seemed to hurt Shanahan's chances of becoming the head coach there because he had a close relationship with Cerrato dating back to their days with the San Francisco 49ers. Allen, meanwhile, was well-connected to former coach Jon Gruden for several years in Tampa Bay.

But Allen and Shanahan also have formed a strong relationship over the years. For starters, they may have shared some horror stories of Oakland Raiders' owner Al Davis. Shanahan was fired as head coach by Davis four games into the 1989 season. Allen, son of the late legendary head coach George Allen, worked in the Raiders' front office from 1995-2003.

Shanahan's son Kyle also got his NFL assistant coaching start with Allen and Gruden at Tampa Bay in 2004-05.

After the 2006 season, Shanahan sent disgruntled quarterback Jake Plummer to Tampa Bay for a seventh-round draft pick (which turned out to be Peyton Hillis) even though Plummer already had announced his retirement.

Tampa Bay agreed to the deal, however, in part because Allen and Gruden thought they could talk Plummer out of retirement, but also because they could recover up to $7 million in pro-rated signing bonus back from the quarterback for retiring before the end of his contract.

Such quirky trades are never made unless the two parties have built up a strong trust with one another. Plummer stayed retired and wound up reaching a settlement that forced him to write a $3.5 million check to the Bucs.

The Broncos have reason to monitor Shanahan's situation closely. After this season, he still would have two years and close to $14 million remaining on his contract with the Broncos. Should Shanahan receive a new contract as coach of the Redskins, the Broncos would receive an offset of at least a couple million dollars from what they owe their former coach.

Mike Klis: 303-954-1055 or mklis@denverpost.com.

Article link:http://www.denverpost.com/ci_14020216
We're assessing Bruce Allens potential to produce success by critiquing his father's record?


As for Shanahan - have no idea if that story really has legs. One thing I'm feeling - Zorn could be gone before season's end. If they want Shanahan, that's even more probable as Snyder would likely want to lock him up before a potential bidding war with ...errr....other teams begins brewing.
im not a fan of shanny..

what did he do without elway?

and we DONT have elway here..

I feel you on that one...I'm not a Shanfan either. I also hope he is not in charge of personnel decisions - he's the same guy that drafted Maurice Clarett in the 3rd round, when most teams had him as a 5th-6th round guy. I would not mind having that potent Denver running attack here though, that's for sure.
im not a fan of shanny..

what did he do without elway?

and we DONT have elway here..
He made Cutler look pretty frickin good... THAT'S something.
My money's on Shanahan. I think this is something that's been going down for quite a while now.
Well, as is my nature, I'm in the tank for whoever the coach is next season. But, since it hasn't happened yet, I can say, I hope it ain't Shamahan.
I'm not a huge Shanahan fan, but we could do worse. And despite his winning with Elway, Shanahan's teams have always been built around strong OLs. So at least there's that.
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In another post said thought Allen's name may have been dropped by one or two of the potential HC candidates. This article reinforces my thought.

Have a feeling Gruden and Shanahan both said Allen would be good to work with. So Snyder got who they wanted. Getting Allen on board now almost kills the deal in Buffalo.
Ah...Mike...you know the Denver defense gave up 30, 30 and 52 points in those last 3 games right? It is the rare team that gives up 30 points in a game and wins.

Heck, that last game of the year with the Chargers, the score was 24-6 at halftime (the kicker for the Broncos missed a PAT). Everyone in the stadium knew Cutler was going to be throwing nearly every down at that point since it was obvious the Denver defense wasn't stopping anyone at that point.

Granted, Cutler didn't have world rocking games those three weeks but he wasn't Jamarcus Russell either. I'm not his biggest fan and I do believe he is overrated but I won't come down on him for losing a game where the other team scored 52.
I don't want Shanahan. He had his run with Elway, and I don't think he has it in him to make another. And his ability to evaluate talent is questionable.

If they are going to make a change, I still think it should be with a younger up and coming coach like a Russ Grimm or Leslie Frasier.
Everyone knows something has been in the works. Zorn has to know he's gone regardless of last three games.

Be willing to bet that Allen was hired knowing we were going after someone like Shanahan or Gruden. Have a feeling they even discussed our choices.
Shanahan is an excellent coach.

His problem was the same as Joe Gibbs'. Once his success reached a point where he became the de facto head of the personnel department, the mining of talent in the draft and free agency was reduced and the team declined.

But Mike is a Super Bowl coach, and like Gibbs, with a strong GM in place to find those late round picks that turn into Terrell Davis and make moves for a Shannon Sharpe, will once again have his team at an elite level.

What this means, though, is that contrary to my post yesterday about things perhaps not changing that much at qb and on the roster, Mike WILL in fact go after another quarterback to more effectively run the WCO and the type of OL and RB the team will target in the draft and FA.
I'm not so sure Mike will go after another QB. Campbell looks to be a better fit for his version of the WCO then Holmgren's, which is what Zorn is working with. Shanahan used a lot of play-action, moving pockets and QB roll-outs when he had Elway. Campbell looks to be a good fit for that sort of thing.

Not to mention he is showing improvement every year in nearly every category. This year his completion percentage is up 3%, his average yards per attempt is up a full yard, his yardage per game is up, his TD numbers are up and his QB rating is up 5 whole points. All while the running game crashes and his sack numbers are up showing he is getting more pressure. Granted, his INT numbers are up as well but you take the good with the bad. He is crushing both Sanchez and Cutler statistically.
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Well, having Terrell Davis run for 2,000 yards and Shannon Sharpe collect 90 catches helped a lot out in Denver :)
I wonder if he gets to use the jacuzzi and stay in the guest house at Dan's mansion? :)

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