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The biggest disappointment: Pressure on the QB


Lanky Livingston


Many of us, including myself, thought that the addition of Haynesworth to the DL would mean many more sacks and turnovers.

To date, I don't think the opposing QBs have been harassed any more than last season. Is the true culprit Greg Blache? Is it his bend but don't break, "sacks are overrated" defense that is killing us?

Granted, the O could not hold on to the ball today, and the TOP was wildly imbalanced in favor of the Lions. However, these are the type of games that you expect your D to come up with a big turnover, and they failed to deliver. WHAT. THE. ****. You have the best DT in the league, a rooke with tons of promise, and an all-around SOLID defense - you should NOT be giving up these kind of plays to the Lions.

I personally think two things need to happen:

1) Blache needs to get more aggressive, a la Gregg Williams. GOD I MISS GDUBB.

2) Blache needs to be fired in favor of someone who will.

Yes, Zorn is a failure also, and needs to be fired. But I think the blame needs to be spread evenly across both sides of the ball. Ugh.

The Burgundy Ghost

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Jul 15, 2009
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The Shadows of the Unknown

Navy Salisbury

The Skins get 1 sack a game and maybe 1-2 hits, outside of that......nothing.

They need to move Orakpo to LDE.
Let Jarmon play more
and come up with schemes to pressure the QB.


The Commissioner
Aug 1, 2009
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Florida State

Yeah, all off-season we heard about how everything would be opened up with the addition of Haynesworth and Orakpo who did get some pressure up front. But Orakpo was covering a TE down field late in the game on a 2nd down play that helped the lions burn up a bunch of time.

I am tired of this Williams/Blache scheme! We were one of the highest ranked defenses last year, but we lost a lot of games on crucial 3rd down conversions by the opposing team because the QB had all day to complete his passes. I understand on 1st and 2nd downs they are playing tough and doing well to contain, but we get killed on 3rd! This was going on long before Blache took over.
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The All-Time Great
Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md

despite the personnel changes in the offseason Blache is still running a bend but don't break scheme that focuses on preventing the big play as opposed to attacking the other team's quarterback.

It is a matter of philosophy. And that is not going to change until/unless there is a change in the coaching staff.

In facing a team with two wide receivers that are 6'4/6'5 playing corners that are 5'9 and 5'11, you would think pressure would be at a premium.

But Blache continued to have Hall and Rogers play several yards off the line and failed to add an pressure up the middle to force Stafford into more mistakes.

Blache guessed that Stafford as a rookie would just make mistakes because he was a rookie and that Washington didn't really need to challenge him.

Wrong bet.

Lanky Livingston

Yeah, despite all the promises that he was gonna let Haynesworth do his thing, he appears to be playing the conservative DT role instead of blowing people up.
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