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Supplemental Draft

I doubt it.

While Pryor certainly has the mobility, arm strength, and some of the intangibles you like in a QB he lacks the accuracy you want at the NFL level and freelanced way too much for me to have any read on how he could fit into a pro style offense. Yes, Ohio State ran pro sets, but saying that he has experience in a pro style offense is stretching it a bit since he rarely worked within that framework. I can’t speak at all to his football IQ.

Bigger question is does he fit what the Shanahan’s want out of a QB. The fact that they traded for McNabb last year might tell me “yes”, but how everything ended last year might be just as big of a reason to say “no”. Freelancing is not what this offense is built around. Accuracy, mobility (when needed) and playing within the system seems more important than raw talent.

That’s why Schaub works so well in this system (well, Andre Johnson doesn’t hurt either). Schaub wasn’t a sure thing prospect coming out of college; he just had the right skill set to fit the Kubiak/Shanahan type offense. Jake Plummer never did better than under Shanahan when he stopped running around “making plays” and started working within the system.

We have an extra 6th round pick so if he’s available then, sure. Take a flyer based on potential alone and see if he can develop. I think he’ll go before that though and I’m not sure, for us, he’s worth it.
Gotta love Senile Al!

Pryor to the Raiders in the 3rd round!

Al Davis just can't say no to big men that can run.
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This means, I believe, until the Supplemental Picks come out, the Raiders do not have anything in rounds 2-4 in next April's draft.

Sarge, I know you hate Snyder. But it could be worse...
The Raiders have no picks in rounds two through four in 2012. Does this sound like another team (that we know and love) of the recent past?

And that fourth rounder belongs to...the Redskins! I'm thinking it will be a higher pick in the fourth. That was the Jason Campbell trade - yet, another QB.

Sure is nice to have other teams as laughingstocks these days.
Pryor has the physical skills to be a very solid wideout he did run a 4.3 40 on several occasions at his size, I doubt he will do anything as a qb. I was chatting about young qbs recently on a web forum and someone made a very good point that the only really good young Black QB right now is Freeman in Tampa and that its possibly because he had very solid coaching in university and wasnt just encouraged to run after one read. I think he has Warren moon potential not Doug Williams potential. Im glad we didnt waste a pick on another guy who will be converting positions in order to play though.
Speed does not equal 'great wideout'. Not even close.

Can he run a route?
No one knows.
Can he separate from defensive backs?
No one knows.
Can he catch?
No one knows.
Can he take a hit and hold onto the ball?
No one knows.

That's a lot of 'no one knows'. Not to mention, based on his ego (which apparently far surpasses his proven abilities), it's doubtful he'd even be willing to try another position. Picking up a guy like that is just a wing and a prayer.
If speed equaled great wideout, Patrick Johnson would be in the hall of fame!

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