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Straining Your Neck To See An Accident

It is done.



I know I can't be the only person that looks at an accident on the highway when I drive by it. Surely, I am not the only one.

That is EXACTLY how I feel about the SKINS games right now. I know I am coming upon an accident, but I can't help but watch. I think about turning my head, I think about averting my eyes, and yet, there I am....every Sunday......in front of the tv, with computer on my lap.....watching as police in stripes sweep up the carnage, and the driver of the SKINS car limps to the side.

However, this week, I may have to take a different road. I have a conference in Austin and must be there tomorrow at 3. In order for me to be on time, I must leave at noon.....the same time the game begins. I would miss the entire game.

Although I believe the game will be a hot mess, I don't want to miss it. With Betts questionable, I hope Rock will have more carries, and I don't want to miss his opportunity.

If I leave when the game is over, I will be late by 3 hours. I won't get in trouble, but I am concerned it isnt quite as professional as being on time.

I really need guidance in making this decision. I suppose I could leave very early in the morning, drive to Austin, watch the game at a bar, then go to the conference. I REALLY hate to do that....but......anyway.



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Nov 10, 2009
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Sorry Blondie, you're hooked....no other way around it. Get up early so you can be in Austin by noon to watch the maroon and black.


Too much silicone in this bikini bar. Can't keep wireless going

I miss yall in chat
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