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Some of our favorite moments from the press conferences. Players.

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Jul 29, 2015
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Just saw Crowder finish with….John Keim, my man! That got a big laugh from everyone.

Clelin Ferrell while Nicki Jhabvala was unmuted saying hope they don’t fire me. Clelin’s look was pretty funny.

Jeremy Chinn struck me as one of the most intense. Someone said he was described as a seek and destroy player in Charlotte. His reply. That sounds pretty good. No smile. Business

Austin Ekeler. I didn’t know he was dealing with 2 separate lower body injuries last year. When Keim asked him what do you bring, his reply was..wow. Then he started rattling off things.
I think Ekeler will be huge for us. Stay healthy

Tyler Biadasz seems like a very smart and meticulous man. He wants to be in charge of the line. Soft spoken too but he will fight.

Tyler Ott seems like a cagey veteran. Talked about the battery of 3 all being the same age. They will hit it off quickly.

Frankie Luvu. Talked about being the underdog. Putting in the hard work. He is soft spoken but he is a beast on the field. Looks forward to learning from Bobby Wagner and building strong relationships with his teammates. Loves Jeremy Chinn.

Nick Allegretti was fun to listen to. He said he could play right now if he had to. The UCL is way better than expected.
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I thought that both Ekeler and Ferrell were impressive. Ekeler should run for elected office.
Thanks for these nuggets, I haven't been as dialed in recently and missed the pressers... :cheers:
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Thanks for these nuggets, I haven't been as dialed in recently and missed the pressers... :cheers:
They are all available on YouTube, John, if you want to catch up.

I haven't watched them all yet either but, after reading this, I might have to.
We re-signed Lucas.

So now we have a human being with a beating heart who has the capability to play Left Tackle. That's an improvement on 24 hours ago.

So the OL, as of right now, looks like Lucas, Allegretti, Biadasz, Cosmi, Wylie.

I think they're going to get stuck playing Wylie at RT. There aren't any options in FA who are better than him at his price. They're going to draft a LT, who will probably start, either right away or soon. Lucas can't play 17 games.

They might sign/draft another guy or two to compete with Allegretti at guard.

They can't flip Wylie to guard, because if they do that, then they have nobody to play RT. Unless you flip Lucas there, but then you have nobody to play LT. So, they're stuck because of roster malpractice by Ron.

I also don't think they want to go into the season with a rookie QB, and rookies at both tackle spots.

I still think the starter is going to be based on either pick #36 if there is a LT sitting there for them, or if there's a run on tackles, they have the ammo to move up into the back part of the first round and grab one. A 10-15 spot move won't be THAT expensive.

But Lucas at least provides a capable player who can play in a pinch and is a great swing tackle backup.
I have to believe we will draft several OL and I wouldn’t rule out starting (or giving significant playing time to) a rookie or two in 2024.
I'm with Boone on this as far as drafting and playing OLine talent.

However, if it comes down to it at RT, I liked what I saw from Scott at the end of the season much more than I liked what I saw from Wylie before he got hurt.

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