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some misconceptions about ZBS and why Griffin isnt the problem



Nov 17, 2010
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I live in the warmest city in the coldest provinc


You don't need to be undersized to be effective in a zbs scheme, you just need to be light on your feet. Players such as Gary Zimmerman, RYan Clady, Mark Schlereth, have all been just fine, in fact Mike Williams after his wieght loss was starting to look like a great fit in the ZBS until his health forced him to retire.

The ZBS system relies on double teams and the back pressing the seams that are created by horizontal movement, it prevents teams from coming upfield hard as they have to flow and wait to see where the back goes. You can run this with large Olinemen and in fact its often better when you do because Dlinemen get tired our faster from two huge guys doubling them up all game. however the zbs requires a playcaller who is willing to wear down the defence even if they only get 3-4 yeards a carry, because eventually you start breaking big runs.

where we have been really hurt is Rg3 is trying to make plays happen, last year he ran before the defence was set, he attacked the defence. now he seems to be trying to take what they give us. the line is terrible at protecting straight dropbacks and Rg3 is trying to wait and get his guys open, and instead is getting hit on almost every single dropback.

I honestly believe that we need to do what Dallas did a few years ago and go "shotgun method" in the offseason, draft a pile of young Olinemen, get a couple free agents and have them fight it out, and the best players play. no more scrap heap guys or other teams roster garbage. I think we will see a better RG3 if he has time, and if we get back to more varied playcalling. the read option, combined with zbs, combined with Play action, is what this team does well, as soon as we start trying to be more conventional we are screwed. I just hope Rg3 can make it to next year unhurt


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md

Thanks, that has been my point. The Walsh 49ers had guys like Harris Barton and Bubba Parris that were definitely not undersized.

For some reason Shanahan though in recent seasons has gone with a model of starting essentially 3 centers, which really compromises the OL against a strong interior rush.

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Oct 1, 2009
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Memphis, TN


Couldn't say it any better than the three previous posts. We could make the same kind of arguments for a mammoth-sized, earth moving DT.

Lanky Livingston

Great post, Ry.

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