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Some Changes In Moderation Methods

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With the roll out of the new BGO, the staff has decided to make some changes in how we approach moderation of the discourse here. In an effort to be fair and even handed while also reducing the work involved in moderating, we are going to be using the Infraction System in all forums, not just the Political Asylum, effective immediately. It will work like this to start with:

- Infractions are worth one point and will be active either 14 or 21 days, depending on which Infraction is earned.
- Members earning 3 active points at once will get a 7 day ban from the site.
- Points will be given out in a post by post manner, meaning a member who breaks the rules in consecutive posts will receive 3 separate Infractions for those posts and face an immediate 7 day ban.

Please know that the decision on this new policy was actually arrived at some months ago when the Staff decided to go through with the upgrade and is not the result of any recent events.

Also know that the Staff will be monitoring this policy for effectiveness and we will be adjusting it accordingly. If it appears to be too harsh we will loosen it up. Should it appear to not be working as effectively as we wish, we will tighten it up. These adjustments could take the form of additional Infraction types, increasing or reducing the number of points it takes to get banned, increasing or decreasing the number of points a given Infraction is worth or the length of time those points are active.

As always, this information is not meant as any form of threat. We respect our membership too much for that and that respect demands that we be straight forward with these sorts of things at the time we implement them so that all members know how business is being conducted here.

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