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So, Does Shanny's Pet Squirrel Survive?


I hope not. Brandon Banks should not occupy a roster spot again this season. I don't think his return ability is such that it trumps the fact he is otherwise useless. For every good thing he does, he has a handful of botched punts, and bringing a kickoff out from the stands and not making it to the 20.

Lots of guys can run reverses. Robinson seems to have similar speed, on a bigger frame.

His big catch last night was telling, as well.

The picture above the story on Redskins.com shows him not catching it with his hands, and, his frickin eyes are closed.

Please, Mike, we know he's "your guy" but he isn't so special that we need to keep him around.
Shanny seems to have a blind spot for Banks that I don't get. His performance last night was probably enough to sway Shanny.

Yep, he survives.
Shanny seems to have a blind spot for Banks that I don't get. His performance last night was probably enough to sway Shanny.

Yep, he survives.
Yeah, I'm afraid you're right. And I don't get it either.

I'll hold out hope he was showcasing him trying to get a trade offer.
It's right next to my hope that I purchase the winning Mega Millions ticket later today. :)
I don't think he survives...I think this is the year Shanny finally gives up on his miniature-football experiment. We shall see though.
God! I love you when you're optimistic!

Party On Lanky!!! ;)

I mean, WR is a position of clear strength on this team, probably our strongest & deepest position group. Problem is that other groups are not as strong or as deep, and have injury concerns. OL, S, RB, CB...all either weak or have injury issues or both. It would be completely irresponsible to keep Brandon Banks, the very definition of 'one-trick pony,' when we all know we're going to be shuffling the other groups a lot more frequently.

I guess there could be an argument made that if we have Banks returning kicks, it keeps others from getting injured in that role, but I can't imagine that as justification. Keep Austin to return kickoffs...at least he has a chance of doing something on offense.
Where did he get the squirrel nickname ?
Is it the hair ?
I chose it.

He's the teachers pet.
He darts around like squirrel.
He is, squirrely.
And the only way he's making the team is by letting coach bury his nu.....

Oops! Lost myself there.

As Banks showed last night, he is a difference maker in many ways.

(As long as we are playing against the backups of a poor team.)
I don't think one good reception, and one great return will save him from the cutting block. The muffed reception of the kick is key, and too common with him. Might as well have Deion back there letting the ball hits him in the head while waving his hands and dancing
I go round and round on this subject.....and I would lean towards cutting him loose. Still......EVERY time he touches the ball my heart beats just a little faster cause he really does have the potential to break one. I don't know how long it's been since we've had someone like that and I'm a little hesitant to let him go somewhere else...even if he IS one dimensional. Herb Mul-key and Speedy Duncan weren't multi faceted eithere as I recall.....just sayin'.
Is he one of the best 53 players on the team? If so, then he deserves a spot. If not, then he is gone.

I just submitted a 53 man roster guess and said he is on the team.
The caveat there Burner is that he is like the punter, only out there for several plays a game.

My problem with Banks against the Bucs is that he was up against Walmart greeters.

And that was his only production on OFFENSE in the entire preseason.

He did not perform against the Buffalo first and second team defenses and was not in the game against Chicago's #1 defense, perhaps an admission by Shanahan that he was out of his depth against that kind of competition.
Any returner has the 'potential' to take it to the house every time though, don't they? How many times has Banks actually done it during the regular season? I don't think he's been successful enough to give him that kind of credit.

His first season, he looked like he could be an impact guy for a bit. But since then, he just hasn't shown me enough to be a believer. He's been living on 'potential' for quite awhile now. I hope we cut him loose.
Rock was held here for a few years too many. I think the last time he ran one back was against Dallass and that was at least 3 years before cutting him.
Yeah, but Rock covered kicks too. And, was a decent backup RB.

Banks is like a rubber.

You get one use, and there are no guarantees of it doing it's job.
The problem with Banks isn't his failure to deliver the big play for Washington. It's his success at delivering big plays for the other team. He shows a total inability to learn from his mistakes and, having apparently supreme confidence in himself, believes he should bring every single kick out of the Endzone. Between that and the number of times he mishandles a punt or kickoff, I am tired of the excitement. I'll take a guy who knows how to field the ball and stay in the Endzone. Thanks.
We're talking about a team that has put together 11 wins over the last two years. Considering this, does it really have room for a one trick pony? I'd like to believe that the answer is no.

It's not as if we are at a position of strength across the entire roster. We don't appear to be on the verge of competing for division titles and in contention for playoff wins. Under these circumstances, there is no room for a guy in Banks who has shown for the most part inconsistency and a few flashes of potential in a specialist role.
Chick Hernandez ‏@CHICKatCSN
Here's the answer to the biggest question ! Source close to @speedybanks16 confirms to me he's on the 53 man roster. Stone cold lock. Boom!

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