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Slow Starts


After watching the first 4 games, I've been frustrated with as many things as the next Skins fan. One of the things that really bothers me is the slow offensive start in each game. Before everyone begins to use RG3's injury as the excuse, we can go back and look at last year as well. I remember commenting to fellow fans about the slow starts we'd get in games last year.

In the 2012 Regular Season, we scored a total of 436 points. Only 79 of those points came in the first quarter. That's only 18%. And we may all remember that not all of those points were offensive points. The defense helped contribute to those numbers.

In this season, we've scored a total of 92 points, with only 14 of those points being scored in the first quarter. And, yes, both of those touchdowns were scored by our defense.

I'll agree that RG3's injury has contributed towards a lackluster performance; but that certainly is not the only reason why we're starting slowly.

One major reason why we have such slow starts in offense is the running schemes: zone blocking and the stretch. The zone blocking and stretch schemes become more effective in the later minutes of the game. It's designed to wear down the endurance of the defensive line and linebackers. So, as the game wears on, more holes open up and the ground game becomes more effective. In our offense, the passing game becomes more effective as the ground game becomes more effective.

To put it simply, our offense is built upon the success of our ground game, and our ground game is built upon the fatigue level of the defense which doesn't occur until later in the game. So when we're going against a decent front 7, then we're going to have slower starts.

All in all, I think we're going to have to get used to seeing the majority of our points being scored in the 2nd half of games with this offense.

I agree with you. Our running game is designed to wear down defenses. Alfred Morris gets better over the course of a drive/game. The more he touches the ball the better he gets...

Another contributing factor is the lack of preseason with our first unit. I'm a very firm believer that the preseason is essential, especially in a system like we run. Timing is everything, so any delay in getting that timing is crippling.
The team has come out flat and uninspired. Kyle needs the up tempo short passing game to get guys going and open up some things for the run.

Most teams in the league now use the pass to set up the run and with Griffin no real threat on the ground we need to recognize that.

Alfred Morris is getting yards on his own after contact. The line has been poor at the point of attack since the opener.
The team has come out flat and uninspired. Kyle needs the up tempo short passing game to get guys going and open up some things for the run.

I dont agree... Garcon, Morris, Reed have come out playing very inspired football. Griffin has been handcuffed by his own mind. I think we'll see a turn in the right direction after beating Oakland, then having a bye week before our first Divisional game. What happens next Sunday will continue to tell the story of how things are going.
Redskins coaches seeing growth, maturation in Robert Griffin III?s game

Robert Griffin III’s re-acclimation process remains in ongoing, but the second-year quarterback showed more signs of progress on Sunday, according to his coaches.

As they went back over the film from Washington’s 24-14 comeback victory over the Oakland Raiders, Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur observed that Griffin displayed greater confidence in his legs than he had in previous weeks, and better patience as a passer than he did last season.

Griffin only ran the ball three times Sunday, gaining 10 yards. He attempted a season-low 31 passes, completing 18 for 227 yards and a touchdown and no interceptions (his first no-pick day of the season).

When people hear “confidence in his legs,” they automatically think zone-read runs and highlight-reel scrambles. But there’s much more to it than that, NFL talent evaluators will tell you.

The examples from Sunday centered on how Griffin did a much better job of extending plays with his legs. He moved around in the pocket while looking downfield for receivers. He scrambled to elude defenders and buy his pass-catchers time to get open. On some situations, Griffin broke the pocket and found himself in situations where he probably would’ve just taken off running. But instead, he hit the brakes and found a target.

Mo' stuff at the link
I think a lot of the confidence he's also gaining is he ability to drive with his back leg on throws. He looked VERY timid on his throws in week 1 and 2 but has been getting more and more comfortable driving off that back leg to put the ball on the receiver with authority.
Preseason's over, Bob !

But this IS his preseason... he just completed his 4th game. Guys need that time to take a month of reviewing film and seeing it on the field. They also need a few games of live fire where defenses are giving them other looks then seeing their own color jerseys. They need to have guys chase them and not have the mentality that they cant get hit.

Like I said in the other post, this shows you why preseason IS essential.
ESPN 980 Audio Vault - Play Now

Holy crap ....Greg Cosell, says that Griff has already been blitzed as many times as he was in 15 games last year! (at 2:57)

Other stuff in the segment is worth the listen.

And this was driving me bat **** crazy in the Raiders game! You knew the blitz was coming and Kyle kept calling the 5 step drop, pass plays that had NO time to develop. This kid has to be able to see that and call a quick audible at the line. I hope Kyle isn't holding that option back from Griffin's arsenal. The kid needs to have that option when it's painfully obvious they are coming after him.
Maybe this early bye has actually comes at a good time, gives them a chance to better work the scheme with Griff now that he's a little further along in recovery and up to game speed.
Maybe this early bye has actually comes at a good time, gives them a chance to better work the scheme with Griff now that he's a little further along in recovery and up to game speed.

We shall see. If he can play with the confidence he had last year on Thanksgiving Day, we will have little problem. If he still has some rust and fear...it could be a long day. I believe Ware is licking his chops for a chance to get back at Griffin. They made him look absolutely silly last year!

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