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Skins Quotes 9/16/11: Mike Shanahan


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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On the injury status of safety LaRon Landry:
“It’s the same thing we have been talking about. [He’s] a game day decision [and is] listed as questionable.”

On if Landry was able to practice more today:
“He’s been working through a few more drills, but we’re not going to get into detail about those drills for obvious reasons.”

On the injury status of linebacker Brian Orakpo:
“Brian’s a game day [decision] as well.”

On the injury status of linebacker Keyaron Fox:
“We’ll list him as probable. He’s still a little bit sore and was limited in practice. He should be okay unless there is a setback that we don’t anticipate.”

On running back Ryan Torain working his way back from his injured hand:
“He’s in good shape. It took him a couple of weeks to get back into football shape. The hand was quite sore. Right now, I don’t think it bothers him at all and looks like he’s getting back into football shape.”

On if Torain played through the injury in the final preseason game:
“We had to decide who were our top 53 guys. Thankfully, he was able to show us what he could do. I thought he had a good game and made the team.”

On linebacker Ryan Kerrigan’s first game:
“I was impressed. We put a lot of pressure on that outside linebacker position. You have to know a lot relative to coverages, relative to run support, who’s coming and who’s not. Mentally, it’s pretty challenging. For him to come in and play as well as he did in his first game was quite impressive.”

On if quarterback Rex Grossman is showing more confidence after the Giants game:
“Not really. You kind of judge the quarterback on what he does every day. I’ve been around him now for a year-and-a-half or whatever it has been. He always plays with that type of confidence and that type of mindset. You always try to eliminate mistakes as a quarterback. That’s what you’re constantly trying to do and that’s why you set up practices as realistic as you can in game situations and try to put him through all of the different scenarios as many times as you can. He’s been playing well.”

On if he feels comfortable with Grossman even though he’s only started four games:
“Yeah, pretty much so. You try to get him ready because you never know exactly what the defense is going to do. A lot of times you’ll change your game plan so we try to get him ready through the week. How a quarterback gains trust is by the way he performs in practice. That’s how you get a good feeling about any player by how he performs in practice not only at the quarterback position, but at any position. Both of our [quarterbacks] have looked very good in practice and hopefully it carries over to game day.”

(Courtesy of the Washington Redskins)

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