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Skins Quotes 8/15: M. Shanahan


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August 15, 2012
Redskins Park

Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On if tackle Trent Williams and guard Chris Chester participated in practice today:
“Yeah, they did. They both had a good day. Trent and [offensive lineman] Maurice [Hurt], we kept out probably the last 15 minutes, Chester as well. But overall, they got more reps than I thought they would today.”

On the status of linebacker Markus White:
“He hurt his back a little bit, took a little shot there. He should be okay. At least that’s what we think right now.”

On if Trent Williams, Chris Chester and Maurice Hurt will play Saturday:
“I really don’t know. It’s kind of a gut [feeling] before the game. They’re going to have to improve by tomorrow. They have some good reps, but they were by no means close to 100 percent, so I’m hoping in the next 48 hours we know more.”

On planning quarterback Robert Griffin III’s playing time for Saturday:
“Usually the first unit works together – at least I’ve worked that way for a number of years. When you make a decision how many plays to go, usually your quarterback stays in with the first group. When you change those players, usually you change different positions as well.”

On the rookies’ development during the preseason:
“You hope for improvement in each week. Having the ability to be with these rookies through the OTA’s and watch as much film as we did, they’re a little bit further ahead than most rookies. But until they get in game situations, you’re not sure how they’re going to react, so it’s always nice to have these preseason games.”

On how injuries to Tim Hightower and Roy Helu, Jr. affect the running back battle:
“It sure complicates it. We’re hoping that Tim will look much better next week, and hopefully, he’s able to go a little bit against Indy, possibly – probably, more realistically – against Tampa. We’re hoping Helu is back for the Indy game full-speed, ready to go. But we’ll evaluate a couple backs in this game, so it’s an ongoing process.”

On when running back Evan Royster will play Saturday:
“I’m not going to go through starters, but Evan will definitely get a chance to play.”

On nose tackle Chris Baker’s weight loss:
“Chris is coming back. He came in here 350-something [pounds] when he first came in. I asked him to lose some weight, and he’s done a good job, especially after the knee injury during the season last year. He’s worked extremely hard throughout the offseason. He’s probably in the best shape he’s been in. He’s really looked impressive, and hopefully he can keep on doing that in the preseason games.”

On if nose tackle Chris Neild’s season-ending injury affects Chris Baker:
“Yeah, of course. You have a guy that goes down. Chris [Baker] has more of an opportunity to show us what he can do. Hopefully, he takes advantage of that opportunity.”

On defensive end Jarvis Jenkins playing nose tackle:
“We have a lot of guys that could come inside, but the guys that have been working there, obviously you’d like to give them the most reps. But we have the ability to have some guys come inside and play if we have to.”

On Roy Helu, Jr. and his Achilles tendonitis:
“My gut is we will keep him out this game. Anytime you have a sore Achilles a couple days before the game, it makes more sense to get him ready for Indy or the last preseason game. Same thing with [Tim] Hightower. We kind of know what [Evan] Royster can do, so a guy like [Alfred] Morris will get more reps in the second game than a guy like [Evan] Royster because we want to evaluate some of these guys and see what they can do in live situations.”

On if linebacker Lorenzo Alexander’s weight loss hurts him on special teams:
“If anything, I think it will help him. Anytime you take a guy that is 245 pounds, that has enough muscle mass to play any position. I think he is quicker. He has done a great job backing up London Fletcher. I like the way he played in the first game. I don’t think he will lose a beat on special teams.”

On linebacker Bryan Kehl:
“He has great speed. He can play both inside and outside. We will get a chance to look at him at a couple different positions, both inside and outside. The more you can do, the better chance you have making this football team.”

On wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe:
“You can see he is a football player. He has made plays throughout training camp and practice, and he will get a chance to get some playing time.”

On wide receiver Joshua Morgan recovering after his injury:
“Anytime somebody comes off an injury, whether it’s an ankle, knee or groin you got to be very careful at how much you throw at him right away and how much he practices. I think Josh as done a good job and he is healthy now. He had a lot of snaps against Buffalo and he will get a lot of snaps in the next couple games that will help his confidence. The main thing is I think he is feeling much better. He is ready to go out and practice and play. He has got some confidence where he is at. The ankle isn’t bothering him anymore so now we can get a chance to evaluate him.”

On executive Vice President/ General Manager Bruce Allen going to Richmond to scout potential training camp sites for next year:
“From talking to Bruce, I think they’ve got three or four potential sites and he feels very confident that we will get something done and get it done the right way.”

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It seems as though Alfred Morris has a real chance this coming Saturday against Chicago to make an impression with Hightower and Helu nursing injuries. I thought Alfred did a nice job falling forward upon contact vs. Buffalo and it will be interesting to see how he progresses throughout the course of the preseason. Carries are there for the taking this year and Morris needs to look no further than the opportunity that Royster got towards the end of the season last year as motivation. He really needs to seize the opportunity.

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