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Skins Quotes 8/14: M. Shanahan



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August 14, 2013

Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On quarterback Robert Griffin III participating in 11-on-11 drills:

“It was nice to get him into a team atmosphere. I thought he did a good job. We got out scout team defense for the first time this season. It’s always nice to set up defenses that you’re going to face in the upcoming game, but it was a good first day.”

On transitioning Griffin III into 11-on-11 drills:

“It’s a different environment when you go into a team situation. Robert, the last couple of days, has been going through walkthrough. He’s had a lot of reps, but it’s obviously sped up when you go into a situation like we did today. It was good for him.”

On how close Griffin III is to being ready to play in a game:

“That’s one of the reasons why you practice. When you start out on 7-on-7, when you’re doing different type of agility work, you get yourself back in football shape, get the arm strong, make sure he feels comfortable within his body, and today’s the next step. It was getting some 11-on-11 work. I thought he got a few reps. He’ll get more accustomed every practice he has, every rep he gets, and obviously our goal is to get him ready for the first game. Hopefully there is no setback.”

On the looks given to Griffin III by the scout team defense as compared to a normal defense:

“It’s pretty close. It’s a great picture. You always want your scout team to give you the same look that you’re going to get on game day. They take a lot of pride in it, showing a great look on defense or a great look on offense. The only way you’re going to have success on game day is if your scout team kind of sets the tempo. And if a guy is third team or fourth team or sometimes second team and he doesn’t do a great job on scout team, it really hurts his chances to make our football team, so we try to make it as real as possible.”

On how close this week’s practice routine is to a typical game week:

“Today is exactly what we would do in a game week, with the number of reps, the way we structured practice. That would be like a normal Wednesday during the season.”

On the 'different vibe’ tight end Niles Paul describes when Griffin III is in the huddle:

“You have to talk to the players. I’m kind of looking over the defense. I’m not really in the huddle. I know which play is going on, but I think it tells you a lot about how the players feel, if they are saying that. We’ve got guys that have excellent command of the huddle, so I’ve got a lot of belief in all of them.”

On releasing wide receiver Devery Henderson:

“We made a decision to go in a different direction. Devery obviously had a tough situation last week. I had talked to him. Usually when I deal with veterans and they really don’t have an opportunity to make our football team, I let them know a little bit earlier than I would a normal person. With the time that he missed and coming into camp probably not ready to go, I let him know that we were going to go in a different direction.”

On clarifying 'not ready to go’:

“Not in the type of football shape that I thought I could actually practice him full-speed without getting him hurt.”

On Roy Helu, Jr.’s progress since 2011:

“I think it’s always nice to get a guy that’s been out for a while back playing the game again. I thought he did a good job for his first game. He’ll get some more playing time through the preseason, but the main thing is he felt healthy. He felt like he got some good reps. He’ll get some playing time this week. Hopefully throughout this preseason he gets valuable experience and he feels a lot more comfortable with his role.”

On Defensive Backs Coach Raheem Morris’ energy and replacing the energy of former Special Teams Coordinator Danny Smith:

“Mainly that’s a priority of mine is make sure we’re entertaining you as much as possible [laughter]. I’m glad you’re entertained. But no, we have some coaches with all different type of personalities. Danny is a guy that’s very enthusiastic, as well as Raheem, and usually with the staff you like some balance and I think we have that.”

On the plan for Griffin III in the next few days:

“I’m not going to go over what our game plan is, but I’ll make you come to practice every day and count. But I’m just hoping there’s no setback, like we talked before. I thought we made some good progress today and hopefully we can keep on doing it.”

On most encouraging thing he saw from Griffin III:

“Each day you have a game plan to get a quarterback ready, and through the process I’ve been really pleased with everything he’s been doing, from drill work [to] 7-on-7. People forget he’s been going 40 minutes where we put him through every rep over on the side. Every rep that he would take in team, he’s been doing during the special teams period or during the offensive and defensive periods. So this gives him a chance to just do more work with the team. He’s been doing all that on the side, but now he gets a chance to go against a look that he’ll see on Sundays and Mondays, and I think he feels comfortable getting back into a team-type role.”

On if he sees any reason why Griffin III couldn’t play in Week 1:

“I think that’s what I’ve said all along – our game plan is to get him ready for the first game. Right now he’s on track. If there is no setback, he’ll be ready. I don’t know that because you don’t know what’s in store for the future, but hopefully there isn’t a setback, and if there isn’t, he should be good to go. If there is, we’ll wait until he’s ready to go.”

On if tight ends will be a bigger part of the offense this year:

“Well, what happens is you want to be successful throwing the ball. If you’re ranked 27th in the league [in receptions by tight ends], but for every time you throw the football, you’re the most successful team in the NFL, I don’t care if we’re 32nd in the league. The key is to have success when you’re throwing the football. We are use our tight ends a lot in our playaction game, in blocking situations, and it may be different this year. It all depends on how defenses play us.”

On the undrafted rookies:

“We’ve got a lot of guys playing well. I’m not going to say one guy impresses me more than the other, but we’ve got a lot of guys that I believe can help our football team win. Now, we’ve still got three more preseason games and a number of practices, but I’m really encouraged at what I see.”

On if tight end Fred Davis looks like he is back at 100 percent:

“We will find out this weekend. Fred will play more than he did in the first game. He will probably play close to half. He’ll switch off there in a little bit. You are hoping that he keeps on improving, he feels very comfortable in himself in football shape. What I have seen thus far in camp is very encouraging because he has played well, he has caught the ball well, he has blocked well, and hopefully he can continue to do that.”

On wide receiver Joshua Morgan’s progress:

“When you talk about the surgery, the rehab, he has made tremendous strides from last year. I think through rehab and getting himself back in football shape you can see the progress. You can see that he can come out of the break. He is not hurting like he was a year ago. So hopefully he keeps on going in the right direction.”

On cornerback Richard Crawford:

“Richard Crawford was hurt today. He should be able to go tomorrow.”

On the reason for linebacker Nick Barnett not practicing:

“Just more preventative. We worked him pretty good yesterday. I don’t want to bring him back too quick. It is a steady game plan for him being ready. He will not play this weekend. Hopefully there is an outside chance that he can might take a few reps against Buffalo.”

On former running back Clinton Portis filing a lawsuit, citing head injuries:

“Clinton gave everything he had, there is no question about it. He is one of the most physical players I’ve ever coached. Took a lot of pride in blocking as well as running. He was a credit to the game. I am not going to speak on his behalf of his concussions.”

On linebacker Darryl Tapp adjusting to outside linebacker:

“To be honest with you, I have been a fan of his coming out of college. I liked the way he played. I liked the way he handled himself both on and off the football field. I just thought he would help our football team. When you get a guy at that type of size, that type of power and that type of intelligence, I thought he could make the transition. He has done a good job. I think the more he plays the more comfortable he will feel. Hopefully he is one of those guys who can be a big part of our football team this year. That is what we are hoping for.”


Maybe one of you guys that have followed these things closely before know the answer to this...

If you're put on scout team this early in training camp is that a good/bad sign? Have they slotted you as competing for that kind of a position on the team or maybe that they're low guy on the totem pole?

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