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Skins Quotes: 8/11 M. Shanahan



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August 11, 2012
Redskins Park

Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On tackle Trent Williams’ status:
“He has a bone bruise. He’s pretty sore right now. We’ll have to play it day-by-day. I know it’ll be a few days.”

On if Trent Williams will play next Saturday:
“It’s kind of wait and see right now.”

On if he is disappointed by Trent Williams’ injury:
“Yeah, it’s always disappointing when somebody goes down, but it’s the nature of the game. That’s why you build depth. Like we talked about at the beginning of the year, we got a few [offensive linemen] in the draft, got a couple in free agency, so we have a little bit more depth than we had a year ago. And it’s a good thing we do.”

On Trent Williams’ performance during training camp:
“I’d say he’s had an excellent camp.”

On offensive lineman Maurice Hurt’s status:
“He’s a little bit sore right now. He didn’t practice today. I’m not sure he’s going to be able to practice on Monday. He’s got a tendon behind his knee that’s a little bit inflamed, but hopefully it won’t keep him out too much.”

On cornerback Morgan Trent’s status:
“He’s out for a couple of days. He has a couple of things. He has a shoulder and a knee [injury].”

On offensive lineman Jordan Black getting more reps after signing with the Redskins less than two weeks ago:
“He’s done a great job. He’s learned the system very quickly. He’s a veteran. He’s played 40-some games as a starter, and hopefully he’ll step in and do well.”

On defensive lineman Jarvis Jenkins’ status:
“He should be back. He’s just a little sick today. We think it was just the flu, so he should be back on Monday ready to go, no problem.”

On guards Adam Gettis and Josh LeRibeus making their first appearances:
“I was pleased with all of them [offensive line]. You take a look at Gettis first, and I thought he did a very good job at the first unit. LeRibeus came in and did exceptionally well, especially for playing the center and guard position for a number of weeks, especially at the center position. We put him in action at the guard position and Tom Compton, I thought, did a great job coming in and playing the left tackle position, better than some veteran players, so overall he’s pleased with the effort.”

On wide receiver Anthony Armstrong coming back this weekend:
“I think he’ll be back and I think he’ll be able to go this weekend. He sat down in a yellow jersey. We don’t want to have him bouncing around because it’s still a second degree separation in that AC joint, but it shouldn’t keep him from playing.”

On fullback Darrel Young’s injury:
“I’d say it’s probably going to take him another week of rehab. I think he’s running about eight miles per hour on the treadmill- still not fast enough. I’m afraid if we put him in there too quickly he’ll reinjure that hamstring. I’d say against Indianapolis he should be ready to go.”

On offensive lineman Chris Chester working on the sideline:
“He was able to do drill work. I would say he’s at 85 percent. Knowing Chris, not missing a play last year, he’ll probably be able to go here in a couple days.”

On watching running back Alfred Morris play:
“You can see he’s got good running skills and he’s got that forward lean. He’s got good instincts. It’s going to be fun to see him over the next few days, if he still plays at a hard level. I anticipate he will.”

On Alfred Morris making the decision [between running backs] tougher:
“Like we said, we have got a number of guys that can play in the National Football League. As each minute goes by, we get the chance to evaluate a lot of these guys more and more and he sure didn’t hurt himself.”

On defensive lineman Kentwan Balmer:
“We know he is OK. We did have somebody who finally got a hold of him and he is doing OK.

On the kicking competition and lack of field goals:
“You’d like to see guys competing in game situations, but we get a chance to see him every day in practice. We have three games left, so hopefully we will be able to see him a few more times.”

On quarterback Kirk Cousins in hurry-up situations:
“We see it in practice every day. We had a number of second and third [team] guys in there and I thought he handled himself well.”

On film of quarterback Robert Griffin III:
“I thought he was cool, calm, and collected. I thought he did what he had to do. You’re hoping your quarterback does play like that in his first game but many times it doesn’t happen that way, especially in game situations. I was pleased and hopefully we can keep on growing.”

On tackle Jammal Brown’s health:
“He is still pretty sore. He gets treatment a couple times a day. I don’t see much improvement, but hopefully it comes quickly.”


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Enough injuries already. Seriously, no more.

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