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Skins Quotes 8/10: M. Shanahan


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August 10, 2013

Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On safety Phillip Thomas:

“He’s a little sore right now – mid-foot. I can’t tell you how long it’s going to be, but it’ll probably be a few days.”

On if Thomas’ foot is his main concern:

“Yeah, it’s strictly the foot.”

On how the canceled practice affects his plans moving forward:

“It really doesn’t change any plans. We’ll have practice on Monday like we normally do. We were a little banged up today. Guys got a good workout yesterday. We got some good running in, good lifting in, as well as a number of players getting some good weightlifting in today. I think it worked out for us even though we didn’t practice. The field being a little wet, I thought it was good for our football team to have an extra day to recover.”

On if the NFL has contacted the team about linebacker Brian Orakpo’s facemask:

“No, they haven’t. Not that I know of, anyhow.”

On linebacker Jeremy Kimbrough:

“I can’t tell you for sure. Anytime you have a separation of the shoulder, I’ve seen guys come back with a couple of days and a few weeks. I think in the next couple of days we’ll get a better feel.”

On if the team has ruled out a fracture or Lisfranc injury for Thomas:

“At this time, they have. They don’t think that’s a problem.”

On wide receiver Donté Stallworth:

“He’s got a sore hamstring. He tried to play through it. You can see it was bothering him during the game, both on special teams as well as offense, but he tried to play through it. I thought he did a good job, but we’ve got to make sure that thing heals up, so we’re not going to push him too quickly. Once it heals up, then he’ll get a chance to play. I don’t know if he’ll be able to play next week with the proper rest for that hamstring, and then hopefully he’ll be ready for Buffalo. That’s my guess.”

On tight end Jordan Reed:

“He’s got the same thing. He’s got that mid-foot [injury], right on the top of the foot. It’s sore. They took the boot off. It’s feeling better today. I’ll let you know day-by-day exactly where he’s at, but today he could not practice if we did practice today.”

On quarterback Kirk Cousins’ development:

“I like what I see. I like what I see in practice. It’s carried over to the games. He’s got a good feel of what we’re doing offensively. He’s got a good command of the offense. I thought he did an excellent job in the game going through his progressions. He only played 13 snaps but he took advantage of every opportunity, and there’s a lot of times when you’re a second-team quarterback, you don’t get the reps in preseason like you want. He’s going to get those reps, so it’s a big plus for him in his development.”

On if he saw any standout performances in Thursday’s game:

"I think anytime you look at a game, the first thing you do is you look at the things that could have cost you the game. Ultimately, every game you play, even if it is the preseason, you want to find a way to win. You've got a game plan going in with your players on how many plays that they're going to play. But we made some silly penalties that you can't have and expect to win. One time, everybody thought it was [Xavier] Nixon – we didn't line up with our split end on the line of scrimmage. That cost us a touchdown. You’ve got a 15-yard penalty here, a first down here. Those are the type of things that beat you, so you kind of go over those things, and make sure that if it was a regular season game you wouldn’t make some of those silly mistakes. Just typical things you normally go through."

On if Reed’s development is hindered by missing practice while injured:

“Well, we’re going to play them when they’re ready to play. There’s nothing you can do about it. Some guys, unfortunately, are going to be injured. They’ve got to do a great job in rehab and get back as quick as they can if they want to have an opportunity to play going into the first game. If they miss a lot of playing time, practice time, the chances of them playing aren’t very good.”

On the possibility of constructing an indoor facility in Richmond:

“I’ll be honest with you, I think the guy upstairs kind of took care of me today, because I wasn’t really sure about practicing today. I felt we were a little sore as a football team. We needed a little bit more rest. So I’m kind of glad that this happened, to be honest with you. We’ve been practicing extremely hard. We’ve got a lot of bumps and bruises. We’ve had more guys on the injury report today than we’ve had all season. We knew a number of guys were going to be out. We’ve got plenty of practice time next week. Monday will be just like a normal two-session [day], like we have been going through. And like I shared with you after the game, /Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday will be just like a normal Wednesday/Thursday/Friday during the season. And then that Friday will be like an extra day for us, on Friday, for game plan week. So it’ll be good, we’ve got plenty of time to practice and get done what we need to get done.”

On if canceling practice impacted quarterback Robert Griffin III’s timeline:

“No, it’s the same for everybody. We all missed a practice. And like I said, you’ve got to do the best thing for the team, and you know, we’ll deal with it.”

On if the team has to adjust to tackling in preseason games after not tackling in practice:

“To be honest with you, we wrap up. So, when you wrap guys up, you’re really working on your technique. Very seldom do you hit guys in the ankles even during the season. Sometimes the DB will when he’s got a shot rather than hitting the fullback or the tight end head up, they’ll go for the legs, have some type of cut tackles just because of the size factor, but that’s why you wrap up in practice and hopefully we’ll get better at that. The thing that you try to keep away from is those side tackles. Sometimes when you practice, during our two-a-day practices, we stay away from ever tackling somebody on the side because if you do and you push them normally you push somebody into somebody’s legs. That’s where somebody has an ACL, so players learn to take care of themselves. So it’s not 100 percent effective, but that’s why we have these preseason games.”

On specific goals he wants to accomplish before breaking camp in Richmond:

“I think what’s a little bit different, any time you have your last week of camp, normally it’s two-a-day practices. We wanted to stay here through the week because it’s unusual to have a Thursday night game and a Monday night game because we don’t have a normal week before we play Buffalo. So we’re going to have a normal preparation just like we would the third week of the season with Monday night/Saturday night game, we’re going to do it the second week. So, that’s a little bit different. You’ve got to have your rookies at least get accustomed to what we’re doing during the season, so that will be a plus for us that we haven’t done.”

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