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Skins Quotes 8/1: M. Shanahan

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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On tackle Jammal Brown’s status:
“He’s not going to need surgery, which is a big plus. He had his other hip looked at today. We know that doesn’t need surgery, but it’s still a little bit sore. The doctor recommended some anti-inflammatories. We’re going to bring him back here. He’ll still be on PUP. We’ll try to get him back in football shape and see where he’s at.”

On if he knows when Jammal Brown will return:
“I don’t think anybody knows until you put him through the conditioning drills, treatment, and doing the workout and see how he reacts the next day.”

On the time table for Jammal Brown:
“I have no idea. I’m trying to be honest with you. I don’t know until he comes in here and goes through rehab and starts getting workouts. And after he does get a workout, can he practice pain free? You know, we’re not going to activate him to our normal roster and take him off PUP until he’s ready to go.”

On which hip is hurting Jammal Brown:
“The one he had surgery on was the left hip, I believe. And he’s continued to have problems with that. But the other one was bothering him a little bit, and that’s why they looked at it this morning, his right hip. So initially he came in, and they were thinking about surgery, or at least that’s why he went to the doctor—to have that left hip checked out. And that was a plus that he doesn’t need it.”

On his statement he made in January saying Jammal Brown needed to be healthy in order to be on the team:
“No, I didn’t say that. What I said is, you know, for him to be a starter, be on our football team, he’s got to play at a higher level because he has been injured. I can’t tell you if he’s going to be healthy or not until he comes back here, he gets the anti-inflammatories, we see how he reacts going through the workout. And if he’s able to go and we feel like there’s a good chance he can stay injury free, he’ll be on the football team. If not, obviously he can’t.”

On if he’s taking advantage of the time Jammal Brown can spend on PUP:
“We’re not taking advantage of it. We’re not going to put somebody out there until we feel like he’s healthy and ready to go. Plus, you’ve got to take one guy off your squad.”

On if Jammal Brown hurt his other hip as well:
“No, it was just bothering him. He just wanted to have it checked out.”

On if he thinks quarterback Kirk Cousins did a good job impersonating him in his rookie skit:
“He did. Too good. He had me down perfect. If you don’t have thick skin, you won’t last in that meeting. I guarantee that. It was really good. He acted just like me, which was a little embarrassing at times.”

On if the team waived defensive end Kentwan Balmer:
“No, I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really sure what the situation is with him. I should find out here within the next hour. Hopefully it’s nothing very serious.”

On if he believes that the team needs to add more offensive line depth:
“I feel good about our guys, like I told you. One of the reasons why you try to get some depth is if something like this happens. We still know what Jammal [Brown’s] situation is, but if he’s not able to come back, I’ve got a lot of confidence in a number of these players that they’ll step up and do what needs to be done.”

On if it was a planned rest day for Ryan Kerrigan and London Fletcher:
“I just felt these guys, you look at Stephen Bowen, he’s had that knee and you don’t want to put too much pressure on it. I think he’s been practicing very hard and you don’t want to overdo it. And Kerrigan, I told him he missed the first couple of days a year ago and he didn’t miss a play during the season, so I had to give him a break sometime. London, he’s 37 years old. Every time he’s on the practice field he practices like he’s 22 so I had to force him into retirement at least during practice for a day or two. It’s hard to do without just taking the pads off him.”

On the decision to rest Ryan Kerrigan even though he’s still young:
“You get a chance to evaluate some of these other players. Kerrigan goes so hard every practice. He’s never going to take a play off. When guys go that hard, you just kind of have a gut sometimes that just may take a little pressure off him because he does go so hard.”

On if it was difficult to make Ryan Kerrigan sit out:
“Most of these guys know what you’re doing and what you think is right. You’re looking for their best interest. Kerrigan doesn’t talk a lot anyhow. He just kind of shakes his head, 'Okay, if you think that’s the best thing I’ll do it.’ I don’t give him many days off because it does bother him.”

On if Robert Griffin III has sung for the team yet:
“No, we had one skit last night. Basically the skit was designed to make fun of me for 15 minutes and he [Kirk Cousins] did quite a good job. I think he got a standing ovation by everyone in the room so that was pretty impressive.”

On the impersonation of Director of Football Operations Paul Kelly:
“Pretty good with Paul too. They did a good job. Most of the rookies do that. They’ll put on little skits and a song, a joke. Just entertainment – give the guys a chance to talk a little bit, communicate, have some fun.”

On if he has spoken with Jammal Brown:
“I’ve spoken with Jammal every day since he’s been hurt except for the last two days when he’s been in New York. I’ve got a good feel for Jammal and how he’s feeling.”

On if Jammal Brown wants to try to push through the injury:
“Like I told you, he was quite sore. He wanted to go to his doctor and see what his doctor said, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

On tight end Niles Paul’s performance during training camp:
“He’s a natural football player. There’s a guy 235 pounds and runs like a wide receiver. He could be a punt returner or kickoff returner. You could put him in the backfield as a running back. He’s got that type of athletic ability. Play any position on special teams. Those guys are hard to find, especially guys that are extremely bright and very dedicated. He’s a big plus for our football team.”

On wide receiver Santana Moss’ offseason preparation:
“Really, these veterans are very smart. He knows if he didn’t do that he probably would not be on our football team. You play for a couple years and you don’t separate yourself, you get in that 32, 33-year-old age bracket, and you have to decide if you’re going to stay in the same shape as you were when you were younger. And he had a couple injuries over the last couple of years. He had a great offseason. He lost 15 pounds, 18 pounds, and he looks like a different guy right now. 190 pounds compared to 205 or 210. Anybody carrying around a 15, 20-pound bowling ball, you know you’re not the same person. He’s done a great job. Hopefully they keep on doing it.”

On offensive lineman Jordan Black attempting to gain weight:
“I told Jordan, I said 'Jordan, I can get a lot of people that can put on weight. You’re 270 pounds. I can’t find people like you that are quick and have 40 games [started] of experience in the National Football League. You understand our system. You can do the things both in the running game and the passing game that we look for.’ It’ll be pretty easy for an offensive lineman to put on 15 pounds because he has the type of mindset. Hopefully he can stay healthy and he helps us and competes.”

On if Jordan Black is better at one tackle position than the other:
“He’s played both, so that’s a big plus for him.”

On quarterback Robert Griffin III’s progression during training camp:
“Well, it’s ongoing. For a quarterback coming in their first year, it’s a learning process. You really have to want to learn and he does. We have both him and [quarterback] Kirk [Cousins] coming in as young players studying together, drill work together. They’re here 15, 20 minutes even before practice starts, even before the specialists are out there. They want to do the little things the right way, and when you do that you have a chance to get better.”

On why Robert Griffin III doesn’t throw a lot of interceptions:
“Well, in college he had a great offense had great speed at the wide receiver position, had a great running back, a great offensive line. And what were they going to do? Were they going to stop the running game or stop the passing game? And they really exploited defenses throughout his collegiate career. I think everybody knows what type of speed he has. In the National Football League, these guys are pretty sharp. It’s going to be a great challenge to any young quarterback to come in and just learn defenses, learn the offense and that’s what he’s doing. He’s just trying to come in and do everything he can do and try to eliminate mistakes. And the harder you work, the better chance you have at eliminating those mistakes.”

On how he thinks tight end Chris Cooley practiced:
“I think Chris is a pro. He’s come back and he looks good. I don’t see any signs of a hamstring, a groin, the knee. And, usually, if something is bothering a player, you find it out in the first week. So Chris has been able to have good practices. I think you’re referring to a couple of those stripped balls he had. Chris is the first person that will tell you that you can’t have that happen because you can’t have turnovers. But that’s why you practice. Players are constantly working on stripping the ball against the offense. The first guy that wraps somebody up, everybody else tries to strip the ball, and that’s how we get better on offense and hopefully by the time our first game rolls around against New Orleans, we’ll eliminate those mistakes.”

On the improvements he’s seen from defensive lineman Chris Baker:
“Anytime a guy comes in at 350, 350 plus, and he has surgery and he’s down to 330, 325 in excellent football shape, you know dedicated and wants to play. I’ve seen some tremendous strides out of Chris and he’s got a big upside.”

On if Chris Baker had surgery:
“Yeah, I forgot what knee it was. When we had one of those indoor practices, he came down on it the wrong way and that’s why he went on IR.”

On if Chris Baker is exclusively a nose tackle:
“No. He’s played defensive end and nose tackle. And with his size and quickness, he’s got the chance to play both and he’s been working at both of those positions over the last couple of days.”


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Well, good news about Baker. Even though the situation on the OL is not optimal, it appears the team is finding capable prospects for the DL rotation.


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md

there's a difference here though IMO.

some of the players the Redskins have on the OL including LeRibeus, Gettis and Willie Smith have talent to play in the NFL.

whether they work hard enough and mature to make it happen is another story.

but Beck did not have the basic toolkit of skills to be successful in the NFL no matter how good his attitude or how hard he worked.

so, in that way this is comparing apples and oranges.

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