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Skins Quotes 12/22/11: M. Shanahan


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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On if he’s optimistic tackle Jammal Brown will be able to play:
“Yeah, if there’s no setback, hopefully he’ll be able to go.”

On if linebacker London Fletcher is unique to the NFL:
“I’m not sure if he’s unique, but the interesting part about having a leader and a football player like London that these young players learn very quickly how to be a pro. He’s diligent in how he prepares and to be able to go as many games as he’s gone playing at the level he’s played at is highly unusual to play at that level and also stay healthy. But with the way he prepares [and] the way he goes about his business is exactly what you’re looking for in a Pro Bowl player. When you’re in coaching for a number of years, you run across a guy like that and you never want to lose a player like that.”

On if he’s happy with the young players on defense:
“Yeah, I have been. You get a guy like DJ [DeJon Gomes] who comes in and gets some valuable playing experience right away. You don’t get that very often. We haven’t had a lot of [young] players who have playing time. Obviously, Perry Riley comes in and takes advantage of his opportunity at the linebacker position. We probably had more young players on offense than we did on defense because of the injuries. It does help you for years to come.”

On defensive end Adam Carriker’s performance in his second year in the 3-4:
“He’s played a lot better. He’s a natural 3-4 defensive end. I think he feels very comfortable with the system, especially going into his second year. He made a big jump from a year ago, just feeling comfortable with his responsibilities, his technique and just playing a lot more natural than he did the first year.”

On if the team’s improved depth in certain positions like defensive line:
“That’s what you have to do, you have to have depth. If you want to win in the NFL, you have to have depth at every position, especially at the defensive line and offensive line. That’s where it starts because, if you lose those guys, you can’t replace them. And if you do have some depth, you have a chance throughout the season to keep it going pretty strong. But yeah, that’s a good summation right there. We’ve got some depth on that defensive line. We’re trying to keep all those players because that’s what we needed.”

On the importance of regaining home field advantage:
“Well, No. 1, you always think of home field as being 8-0 and, if you don’t you’re quite disappointed because it’s normally a big advantage. And in football the reason why it’s an advantage is because of the snap count. You want to take advantage of those three or four opportunities that you can take advantage of the defense – keeping them off-balance and not having that same pass rush. And if you’re not winning, it’s hard to catch up on the road.”

On what he tries to accomplish when he brings in a quarterback before the draft:
“Well, you get a chance to know them and be around them a little bit for a day or two. You get a chance to go out to dinner with them and get a chance to sit down and talk some football [and] watch some football. It’s kind of getting to feel each other out. It’s a good time for the most part.”

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