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Skins Quotes 12/16/11: M. Shanahan


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December 16, 2011
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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On if tackle Tyler Polumbus will be more comfortable starting after a week of practice:
“Oh yeah, you always like a guy after he’s played for a week. And he did a good job for us, so we expect him to play well and he has to play well because they have an excellent defensive front.”

On who is starting at left tackle against the Giants:
“That’s kind of a surprise again. Both guys [Sean Locklear and Willie Smith] will get a chance to play. I’m happy with both guys.”

On if he will put safety LaRon Landry on the Reserve/Injured list before Sunday and fill his spot:
“I think we just put him on IR this afternoon, but we won’t put on anybody on the squad, so we’ll go with 52 in this game and probably put someone on next week.”

On if the team has to have 53 players on the roster for the Giants game:
“No, you just have six inactive people.”

On if good teams don’t turn the ball over or teams are good because they don’t turn the ball over:
“Every year if you take a look at the stats, this is almost every year, if you look at the playoffs, the teams that don’t turn the football over, they usually win the Super Bowl… if you look at the turnover ratio. If you take a look at the teams that get into the playoffs, usually there only will be two or three that aren’t in the top. Two or three don’t get in every year, but usually it’s not very many. And so, yeah, that’s a big part of winning and losing. Now, you ask yourself, 'Well, because teams are behind and they have to take more chances, I think that’s part of it.’ But like I said, the good teams don’t turn it over.”

On if Landry initiated the idea of going on IR:
“Well, he felt like his Achilles was bothering him and he wanted to get another look. And we agreed if it was bothering him to go see Dr. [Robert] Anderson and, when he did, Dr. Anderson felt like he needed surgery at the end of the year after giving him a new MRI. So obviously it was aggravated. When I did talk to LaRon, he said he felt like he was 50-60 percent and obviously he couldn’t play over the next couple games if he was in that 50-60 percentile just to practice. I didn’t want to take a chance that the Achilles exploded as well for him and his future. So I thought in his best interest it was to go on IR.”

On why Landry would have surgery after the season instead of immediately:
“Well, I think what he’ll do is talk to whoever he’s going to talk to, get a couple more opinions and then make a decision very quickly. I think the sooner the better for him, whatever it is.”

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