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Skins Quotes 12/14: M. Shanahan


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Apr 11, 2009
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December 14, 2012
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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On how quarterback Robert Griffin III looked at practice today:
“Good. He keeps on improving every day. He looked much better today.”

On if the decision to play Griffin III will be made Sunday:

On if he has a gut feeling on Griffin III playing:
“No, not really. We’ll get a chance to evaluate him tomorrow and talk to the doctors tomorrow.”

On if linebacker London Fletcher participated in practice today:
“Yes, he was out there, but he did not participate. He was out there – just went through stretching. He didn’t take any reps.”

On quarterback Kirk Cousins this week:
“Good week. He’s been pretty consistent all the way through camp, all the way through all the games we’ve prepared for this season.”

On if Cousins would benefit from knowing if he will start before Sunday:
“He’s got to be prepared to go either way. Anytime you get reps, a quarterback has always got to be ready to go. Especially in a situation like this, you have to be prepared mentally to go.”

On if Cousins will know if he’s starting before Sunday:
“I can’t tell you when. I can’t tell you if it’s Saturday night or Sunday, but we will know before the game if he’s playing or starting.”

On how important it is for the offense to have running back Alfred Morris in the game:
“You always want your best players playing. Alfred has proved that he can carry the load – very dependable, very productive. Hopefully, he’s ready to go and plays well.”

On the comfort level a running back like Morris provide a quarterback:
“You always want a back that can make plays and make some yardage on his own. Alfred has been able to do that. We have a lot of confidence in him. I think he has a lot of confidence in himself. Every offense needs an excellent running back to move the chains, make people miss and get some yards after contact.”

On advantages of the Pistol offense:
“We just put a system in that we felt gave us the best chance to be successful. Everybody has a little different philosophy on that, but it has worked for us. With the Pistol, with the back behind the quarterback, you have a lot less tendencies for a defense to figure out if a guy is offset weak or strong. That’s one of the reasons why we put in the Pistol with the running game and some of the things that we do.”

On if he was concerned with implementing the Pistol:
“No, not really. We’ve worked it no matter if you’re under center or if you’re four yards behind the quarterback. In the Pistol, you’re getting a shotgun snap and our guys feel very comfortable with getting the snap and our offensive schemes. We’ve been working on them since mini-camps. I’m sure the first couple of weeks were a little different for the guys, but they’ve adapted well.”

On Griffin III’s status:
“He’s questionable. He was limited in practice.”

On if tackle Trent Williams is having a Pro Bowl season:
“I think he is, especially being able to play hurt like he has the last couple of weeks. Even this week, I’m very proud of how he has handled himself and the way he has played.”

On if he is surprised that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has succeeded this season:
“No, I’m really not. Anytime you’re around Peyton, you realize what kind of work ethic he has and his understanding of the game. I can’t say it has surprised me at all. He picks up everybody’s game. He’s one of the reasons why they’ve been able to accomplish what they have.”


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Jul 19, 2009
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One complicating factor is Morris missing time this week due to illness. I wonder what effect that is going to have on his durability in this game. We may have to depend upon Royster in the second half to take more snaps in the backfield.

Just seems like the Redskins can't buy a break this season with injuries.

Every single key player is either out for the season or playing with an injury.

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