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Skins Quotes 12/13


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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On the injury report:
“[Tight end] Jordan Reed’s questionable. [Guard Kory] Lichtensteiger, [safety Brandon] Meriweather, [safety Trenton] Robinson and [fullback Darrel] Young are all probable. What we’ll do tomorrow is we’ll test Jordan here, see if he passes the tests. If he does pass the test, then he’s got to go through a conditioning test. Then on Sunday, we’d evaluate him again. If he had a headache or something like that, he could not play. If he felt good, it would be possible for him to play.”

On if there is any truth behind the report that Jordan Reed may be put on the Reserve/Injured list:

On the nature of Reed’s conditioning test:
“No, I mean it’s a normal test that he’s had for concussions, and then if he does that, then he just gets a workout. It’s not a conditioning test, it’s a workout. We just see if he can work out and get a good workout in and see if he’s got a headache or not.”

On if the conditioning test will take place on Sunday in Atlanta:
“No, it’ll be tomorrow. If he passes the test tomorrow, then we could get some real workout in – football-related workout – see how he feels.”

On why he would not rest Reed until next week:
“Those are the doctors – they give you a protocol and they try and go through that protocol. If he doesn’t have a headache, then they’ll put him through that conditioning workout and we’ll see where he’s at. They feel if he’s ready to go on Sunday and he doesn’t have a headache, then he’s ready to play.”

On how much Reed’s previous concussions factor into his recovery:
“The doctors look at all those type of things and they give us a report on how they feel.”

On how quarterback Robert Griffin III can help quarterback Kirk Cousins during the game:
“Well, I can tell you what [quarterback] Rex [Grossman] has done. Rex always has the headsets on and he’s got an earpiece, so he’s listening to the play and he’s watching defenses and at the end of the series, the quarterbacks will get together along with [Offensive Coordinator] Kyle [Shanahan] and talk about what’s going on in the previous series. That’s part of the quarterbacks’ routine.”

On this week and how it affected preparation:
“The main thing is 'concentrate on your job’ and even though there are distractions, you want to be able to focus on that. I think we’ve been able to do that as a football team. Our guys have had an excellent week of doing the things that we asked them to do to get ready. I thought today was another good day and hopefully it carries over to the game.”

On if there was any difference in Cousins’ preparation this week knowing he is the starter and last season leading up to the Cleveland game:
“It’s a lot different. Anytime you’re working with the first unit and getting the reps, you’re getting ready for the game plan. So, as we talked about Cleveland last year, when you get a whole week of preparation, you’re actually ready because you’ve had some repetition. It’s very tough on the backup quarterback to go in with no repetition during the week and still perform at a high level, even though we expect him to do that, because he’s got to get all the reps mentally and still be able to play if the quarterback goes down on the first play. It’s the same thing we talked about – for some reason if Rex was sick and Robert had to dress for the game, Robert’s got to be ready to go, so he’s got to go through all of the preparation like he would in a normal game.”

On how Cousins has progressed during the week:
“We’ve had pretty good week of practice. Yeah, I think he’s done a good job. I think with all the extra reps that he’s gotten, you feel more comfortable not only with yourself, but the timing with the first receivers and just going through a normal game plan.”

On Griffin III’s demeanor this week:
“He’s been great. He’s been great. He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do and he’s been up-tempo and taking advantage of the reps that he gets and relating it to some of the terminology that we have. Anytime you get reps, regardless if it’s with the first, second or third team, or even doing the scout team on the other side, you can take advantage of it and he did.”

On if he addresses with the team the noise surrounding the decision to sit Griffin III:
“I think we did talk about why I did it, even though there’s other noise out there, which I understand… Yeah, you tell your football team what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, just like I talk to you and then you go on and try and get ready for the game.”

On how difficult it is to improve as a quarterback during the season when the focus is on the game plan and not on individual technique:
“What you do in the offseason, you know, you’re not getting ready for a game plan. You’re going against your defense, so a lot of the time is devoted for technique – different quarterback drills, repeated practice relative to maybe going against the same defense one day and a different defense the next day. So you’re taking all of your different concepts that you use versus different coverages and work on your basic techniques. That goes on for about 10 weeks, so you’re going against your defense, different coverages, different fronts, different check-offs. You get a chance to go back in a relaxed atmosphere. So a lot gets done in the offseason conditioning program.”

On what he most admires about Cousins and his demeanor:
“Well, that’s what you work for is get a chance to show what you can do on Sunday. That’s why you go through all these drills and that’s why it’s a great opportunity for him to showcase his skills and where people can see him under fire. Until you see a quarterback under action, nobody knows for sure exactly what that guy’s going to do. So he looks forward to that opportunity. He prepares everyday like he’s going to be that guy. So far this season, he hasn’t had many reps except for the Kansas City game, so he’s looking forward to getting his opportunity and hopefully he takes advantage of it.”

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