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Skins Quotes 12/09/11: M. Shanahan

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December 9, 2011
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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On if there is more insight into the injury to safety LaRon Landry, who is out for Sunday’s game:
“Not really – still don’t know. He’s getting better.”

On if Landry was able to do anything this week:

On if he’s relieved that punter Sav Rocca is not out for the Patriots game:
“Well, I thought just knowing him as a person, he’s very tough minded. For him to go back in like he did with that type of ankle [injury], I was guessing that he would be ready to go just knowing how he operates [and] who he is. But yeah, it’s always nice to know that he can go.”

On if he’s concerned about the left side of the offensive line:
“There’s always concerns any time you’re playing with players that haven’t played in the NFL… I think [Maurice] Hurt’s improved every game. He’s had some injuries [and] some setbacks, but he’s worked through it – a positive experience for him. It’s been good to get both Willie [Smith] and Sean [Locklear] some good looks at left tackle this week. Sean, most of the time he’s been practicing at right tackle and so they’ve gotten some good reps this week. Hopefully, they take it to game day and play well.”

On tackles like Willie Smith from small schools translating to the NFL:
“You really don’t know. Sometimes, it works that way. Other times you get a guy from a small school that steps up and plays extremely well. You just really don’t know for sure. I had a guy named John Mobley who came in from a small school and, all of a sudden, took off and played exceptionally well right away. And so you really don’t know.”

On how much harder it is to project players from small schools:
“I don’t think you really know until someone gets the opportunity and see how he handles himself on game day. Sometimes, the game is too big for somebody right away and it takes him a year or two to adjust – just adjust to the schedule, the competition [and] just learning the game. Other guys come in and are very mature and seem to adjust very quickly. You never know for sure.”

On if he’s worried about the condition of the field on Sunday after the Army-Navy Game Presented by USAA:
“Yeah, that’s always a concern when there’s a game the day before. You’re hoping that it’s not raining and it’s not torn up.”

On how much extra preparation there will be to the field:
“I’m not sure how much time there is. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed. It’s happened to me before. We’ve been pretty lucky in the past, so hopefully we’re lucky on Sunday.”

On if the team does anything different to prepare as far as equipment:
“Before any game we go to, they’ve got a number of different type of shoes that they have the ability to put on just because of the conditions of the field – if it’s turf or grass or if it’s raining. [There are] a lot of different variables.”

On if anyone will replace tackle Trent Williams as captain:
“To be honest with you, I have given it some thought. Do I go with the next best vote-getter or do I just keep Santana [Moss]? haven’t decided yet.”

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