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Skins Quotes 11/30: M. Shanahan


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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On how encouraged he is about the chance of linebacker London Fletcher and tackle Trent Williams playing on Monday:
“You’re keeping your fingers crossed. They’ve both got significant injuries and you’re hoping over the next couple of days they’re ready to go.”

On if his assertion that he does not worry about injuries to Fletcher applies this week:
“It will apply every time that he’s hurt because you know what kind of mindset he has. His recovery time over 200-plus consecutive games gives you an idea. Chances are he will be ready, but he is quite sore.”

On how he felt about Fletcher’s status in previous weeks:
“Last week I was very skeptical. I was hoping he was going to play, but when you’re in a boot it doesn’t look good. You don’t know for sure.”

On if he is content with the return game:
“We want more production obviously. We’re ranked where we’re ranked. You want to get better and that’s what we’re working on. It’s a collective group, not one guy. We’re working on improving that area. Every area that we’re poor in, we’re working extremely hard to get better at. Hopefully we will.”

On if he is content with wide receiver Brandon Banks as a return specialist:
“Well, it’s a combination of everybody. We talked about the Pittsburgh game; we can talk about how you have to play well as a group on offense. Sometimes when you have as many drops as you had, one guy might not look quite as good whether it’s the quarterback or if it’s the offensive line or whoever it may be. It’s the same thing in special teams. It’s a group effort, it only takes one guy. If we’re not happy with somebody playing a certain position, he won’t play it. If it’s up front on the line or if it’s returning or making too many poor decisions, you only get so many chances and if you don’t take advantage of those chances then you’re not playing.”

On Banks’ decision making on returns:
“Brandon knows that he has to be smarter in the decision making. If he makes too many mistakes like that, then he’s not back there. We’re looking for some improvement and hopefully it happens Monday night.”

On if recent fines to cornerback DeAngelo Hall will change his style of play:
“Just because you get a fine doesn’t mean you don’t go through the appeals process. I haven’t even seen that one on film. I don’t even recall what he did wrong. I have to go back and look at the film. I’ll talk about that after the appeal.”

On if Hall is appealing the fine:
“I can’t get specific on it. He’s going to have to tell you one way or another, but sometimes when a guy gets fined doesn’t mean that he’s guilty. You go through the process first. I’m not supposed to speak about it so I try to bite my tongue. Obviously doesn’t work out all the time [laughter].”

On if fines act as a deterrent or if players still play hard and draw fines:
“I think everyone has a difference of opinion there. Any time you take cash out of somebody’s pocket…I think guys just play hard. Guys play to win. If they make a mistake, they’re not trying to hurt anybody. Sometimes when it goes helmet to helmet at the last second, a guy goes down, lowers his head and it’s helmet to helmet. He doesn’t know that when he takes off when he has his head down. You’re still going to get fined. It’s not the intent. It’s the action. These players are dealing with it.”

On having wide receiver Pierre Garçon in the second game against the New York Giants:
“You’d like to be full go. You still have to find ways to win if you lose players. When you lose a guy like Fred Davis, a guy like Logan [Paulsen] has to step up, Niles [Paul] and obviously Chris [Cooley]. You’re hoping that you can still do what you need to do to win. Same at the wide receiver position. When you get those guys back, a guy like Pierre who has a lot of confidence, we expect them to play very well just like he did against Dallas. He’s got that capability, so it helps us as a football team.”
I'd love to know if Garçon is healthier than he was a week ago. Did the game hurt him? Or is he feeling even better now?
Coach mentions Chris Cooley like it is an after thought. Not surprising though. He is in his final weeks of being a player in the NFL. We need to have him somewhere in the front office next year or in the broadcast booth.

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