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Skins Quotes 11/29: M. Shanahan


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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On linebacker London Fletcher and left tackle Trent Williams:
“Both guys did not practice. They’re getting a lot of treatment. We’ll check them out tomorrow.”

On the chances Fletcher and Williams will play Monday:
“You never know. All you can do is worry about something you control. They’re getting a lot of treatment every day. They both want to play. They’re both doing everything they can to play. We’ll just take it day by day and see the progress that they make.”

On Williams’ maturity:
“He had the reputation coming up but he’s very talented. In fact, Coach [Bob] Stoops says he’s probably the best athlete he’s ever had at Oklahoma as an offensive or defensive lineman. He could play either one. The question was work ethic. When’s he going to get to the next level? I’ve seen that maturity since he’s been here, learning how to be a pro, learning how to be accountable, learning how to lead, different things that you’re hoping your guys are going to do. But you’re never positive he’s going to be able to do it or have the discipline to do it. I’ve been pleased with how he’s handled himself the last year. You can see the progress and you can see it in his play as well.”

On if Williams is a Pro Bowl caliber player:
“He’s the best athlete, offensive lineman I’ve ever been around. I’ve never seen a guy with that type of athletic ability. There’s not guys that are 325 pounds that run a 4.7-4.75 every time. He’s got tremendous quickness, pass protection, running game – everything you look for in a lineman. So he’s going to set the standard by the way he works, by the way he takes care of himself. We’ve seen the strides over the last year. The sky is the limit for him.”

On linebacker Bryan Kehl:
“He really handled himself well when he was here both on special teams, inside, outside linebacker. He’s very bright, very competitive. Now we’re very fortunate that he was out there.”

On trying to claim defensive lineman Jason Babin:
“Since he’s not with us and he’s on another football team, I just let that go. But we thought enough about him to put a claim on him. He’s an excellent pass rusher. Everybody knows what he’s done. I know a number of guys that know him quite well, so obviously we put a claim on him. But we didn’t get him.”
That's some serious praise for Trent Williams.

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