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Skins Quotes: 11/15


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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On the injury report:
“[Defensive end Stephen] Bowen, [safety Jose] Gumbs and [cornerback DeAngelo] Hall are questionable. [Wide receiver Leonard] Hankerson, [tight end Logan] Paulsen and [running back Evan] Royster are probable.”

On wide receiver/returner Nick Williams’ performance in practice:
“He had a good week. Practiced well, both in the return phase and as a receiver. I was pleased with the way he practiced.”

On if he expects Williams to return punts against Philadelphia:
“Obviously I don’t talk about that until after the game. You never go into a new guy starting at a position if he hasn’t started there before unless there’s an injury.”

On his philosophy on calling up players from the practice squad with the intent to play them immediately:
“Well, it all depends if it’s injury related to a person that’s been on the 46-man squad. Normally you activate that person. It’s a little bit different with [running back] Chris [Thompson]. He was inactive, so as I said before in the beginning of the week there’s a possibility he [Williams] will be active there’s a possibility he won’t.”

On if he thinks the struggles in the return game are related to the returner or the unit as a whole:
“I think you saw it last week. Sometimes you have a return man make three or four guys miss and those guys are usually guys that are leading the NFL in some phase as a punt returner or kickoff returner. The great special teams usually have a guy that has that type of ability, very similar to what [cornerback Richard] Crawford did for us in the last five games of the season last year.”

On what has contributed to running back Alfred Morris’ increase in yards per carry:
“Coaching [laughter]… He’s a lot more comfortable. I think guys that go into the second year, they feel – not only have they gotten in great football shape but they know what to expect. I think it’s a little bit easier on him to make reads and feel more comfortable with the system and what he’s doing. He works extremely hard at it.”

On Chris Thompson’s surgery:
“He did have surgery. I haven’t talked to [Head Athletic Trainer] Larry [Hess] yet. I assume it went well… I believe it was yesterday.”

On how he decides between practicing inside or outside:
“Usually I’m always outside. I don’t go inside very often throughout my career as a head coach. Usually I’m an outdoor guy. Sometimes players make a recommendation. They feel whatever the situation is – it may be too much wind, maybe it’s too cold – where the mindset on a good practice is to go inside. A combination of those things I just said there that make you go one way or the other... [Assistant Head Coach/Running Backs Coach] Bobby Turner gave me a hard time. He said he’s been with me for a long time and he can’t ever remember me ever going inside when I had an opportunity to go outside so I don’t do it very much.”

On electing midseason captains:
“We did last year. If you remember, we had one at the start of the season. This year we had two on both sides of the ball. On special teams we vote at the midway point and [safety] Reed [Doughty] is our special teams captain.

On why they only chose a captain for special teams at midseason:
“Because we had two offense and two defense and it was overwhelming those two on both sides of the ball at the start of the season so we named them right away. If it wasn’t – if it was one guy was really out there and you had a number of guys at two, three and four – then we’d wait until the midway point.”
Nick Williams will be our Wes Welker!

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