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Skins Quotes 11/12: M. Shanahan


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November 12, 2012
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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On tackle Jammal Brown practicing today:
“I think he did good. I don’t think there were any setbacks, so that was very positive. He said he’s feeling good. Hopefully, he keeps it up.”

On wide receiver Pierre Garçon:
“He got a chance to work for the first time and I haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet, but he looked like he did some good things. I’m just hoping there’s no setback. I know it’s painful for him, but he wanted to work through it today. We’ll find out over the next few days exactly where he’s at.”

On if it’s fair to say Garçon was limited in practice today:
“Oh yeah, he was limited.”

On if Brown was limited:
“He practiced. I’d say he was a little better than limited.”

On how safety Brandon Meriweather looked today:
“Same thing. He was limited, but I was encouraged.”

On if Meriweather could play Sunday against Philadelphia:
“I hate to say that yet until we start practicing. We’ve gone through a full practice. We’ll get a chance to evaluate that on Wednesday and Thursday. I was glad he was out there today and it was a good sign.”

On if he saw the players come out of the bye week refreshed:
“I really did. I think everybody was refreshed and I think they’re looking forward to the second half of the season. You can see they were a lot fresher, rejuvenated and, hopefully, ready to go.”

On what he will do if Garçon is not ready to play by Sunday:
“I just think you have to get a gut on how he’s feeling. I’m hoping he’s ready to go, even though it’s painful, [I hope] he’s able to fight through it. It’s hard to say exactly how painful it’s going to be. I was glad he was out there today trying to fight through it. I thought he did some good things today, so that was a positive. You just don’t know tomorrow or the next day if there’s a big setback and if he can go or not.”

On if he might as well see how it goes playing Garçon now since he doesn’t know if the toe will get much better:
“First of all, you want to see if he can go. If he can go, you obviously want him to help us win. If he can’t, he can’t. It was nice to see him out there fighting.”

On how healthy Garçon needs to be to contribute at a high level:
“It’s really hard to say because they’re not always honest with you – how much they’re hurting at times. You have to get a good gut feel. I’m glad that he wants to go and I’m glad that he’s trying to go. We’ll find out in the next few days.”

On if he is waiting for Brown to get in better football shape before playing him again:
“We’ve been working him out for a while, so I think he’s not in football shape but he’s been working out extremely hard. He looked good today. It looks like his flexibility is much improved. He looks like he’s pain-free, so hopefully in the next couple weeks he’ll be ready to go in and he’ll be in football shape.”

On if Brown’s issues are behind him at this point:
“I don’t know. I hate to say that the first day of practice, but it’s a good sign. You really don’t know until you start doing football-related drills. Going out there and working out is one thing, but actually doing football-related drills and having body go against body – 300-plus pounders going against each other – he hasn’t been doing any of that. We’ll find out.”

On if playing the three NFC East teams that are “struggling” next gives the Redskins a better opportunity to get in the playoffs:
“You’re right. You’re exactly right. It’s a great opportunity. We’re going to look at one game and that’s Philly, take care of business there. I was pleased with how we worked today.”

On if he will game plan for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick or Nick Foles:
“Obviously, we have to get ready for both. We’re not sure what the situation is, so we’ll kind of wait and see there. With the concussion that he had, I don’t think they’re really sure.”

On if he builds two game plans until Wednesday when he finds out which quarterback will play:
“I think you have to get ready for both, like you mentioned. Whoever you think the starter may be, you have one game plan. For a guy like Mike [Vick], he could have a second game plan, or whatever your gut is going into the game – who is No. 1, who is No. 2.”

On his impressions of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles from the Senior Bowl:
“Good. I think he’s been doing a good job. I thought he did a great job in preseason and I thought he handled himself well.”

On what stood out about Foles:
“He’s big. He’s like 6’5” or 6’5” and a half, very strong, great arm strength. He’s been in a shotgun formation, looks like he reads defenses very easily and can make all the throws.”

On what came out of his evaluation of schemes and personnel during the bye week:
“You look at your personnel. You go back and you evaluate the players and look at your scheme. You take a look at the things you’ve done poorly and you try to correct them. Obviously, I’m not going to go through all the details of the things that we’re going to work on, but it’s been a good, productive week.”

On what his message was to the squad coming out of the bye week:
“You have to get ready for your second half of the season. You have to play your best football. We’ve had some opportunities in the first half and we haven’t closed a couple of those games. Now, there’s no [room for] error. You have to play your best. You have to play from Philly on. That was the message.”

On if he learns anything new when he goes back and evaluates the team:
“Sometimes what you do is you really go back and study players. You go back and you study the new guys that came in maybe the second, third game in the season. You evaluate their play through obviously the last game. A lot of times [when] you’re looking at schemes, you don’t really get a chance to study these players as much as you’d like to – like in the offseason. That’s one thing. Then, you look a little bit at the scheme – offensively and defensively – the things you've been doing poorly and how you improve on it.”

On how quarterback Robert Griffin III is feeling after having sore ribs following the Carolina game:
“He’s feeling pretty good. I asked him the same question today and he said he’s feeling good.”

On his schedule during the bye week:
“I did a little bit of everything. We have a short week with Dallas, so you’re getting ready for Dallas. You’re looking at your offense, defense. Obviously we talked about personnel, so that incorporates the rest of the week.”

On it not really being a bye week for him:
“You don’t have a game plan to get ready for, that’s the big difference.”

On balancing game plans for both Philadelphia and Dallas:
“What you do is push for the bye week. We took a couple days and just looked at Dallas. Then, after that we looked at some personnel – offense and defense. We started yesterday on Philly. On a short week, you have the opportunity to do that if you have the bye before. If not, it makes it pretty tough.”

On if he will give the players any of the Dallas game plan this week:
“No, strictly Philly.”

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