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Skins Quotes 10/1


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October 1, 2013
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Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan

On the return of linebacker Rob Jackson and defensive end Jarvis Jenkins:
“It’s good to have them back. They were out there today in practice – getting back in football shape. I know they’ve been working out hard, but it’s good to get started after the bye week with both of them.”

On the length of the roster exemption they receive:
“I have got to check out the rules. I’m not exactly sure, to be honest with you.”

On what kind of shape Jackson and Jenkins are in:
“They ran well afterwards – we didn’t have a big workout today, but what we did do is we got about 25-30 plays in and then after that we ran them pretty good and they looked in good shape.”

On how long tight end Logan Paulsen will be out:
“I don’t know for sure, but he’ll get treatment all this week and we’ll find out more next Monday, but hopefully he’ll be back.”

On the health of nose tackle Chris Neild:
“He’s quite sore. You could tell with him just walking out there today. Again, with the week recovery time, I’m hoping he’s ready to go as well.”

On if he will evaluate the coaching staff during the bye week:
“We evaluate everything we do, not necessarily the coaching staff, but we take a look at what we do defensively, offensively, special teams. We’ll look at the personnel. It’s still pretty early in the season. A lot of guys are in new positions, more on special teams than offense or defense, you know, your typical preparation during the bye week.”

On the play of wide receiver Leonard Hankerson:
“As we talk about Hank, you know, Hank, for the first time, got a chance to go through OTAs and our summer camp actually in good football shape and he’s getting better and better. He’s got some big-time skill. He’s got things that you look for in a wide receiver and he’s taken advantage of his opportunities.”

On how much he wants the players to “get away” during the bye week:
“The thing that you’re hoping is that they run a couple of times, and we emphasize that to our players. The man upstairs is the only guy watching, but we’re hoping they get two good workouts in so we don’t lose any conditioning. It is time to get away. They’ve been going eight, nine weeks, and they’ve been getting after it and when the bye week comes, it comes. So, enjoy your time with the family then come back for the second half ready to go.”

On his confidence in the team:
“Number one, I feel very good about our football team. We’re still 1-3; 2-2 is leading the division. So it gives us a chance after the bye week, especially playing Dallas, to kind of get started all over again – play our best football after the bye week, and hopefully we can do that.”

On tight end Fred Davis’ ankle:
“I think Fred is fine. He practiced today. So with a week recovery time, getting treatment, he should be in pretty good shape.”

On how Davis was used at Oakland:
“He didn’t practice until Friday, so it had a lot to do with the ankle. We weren’t really positive he was going to dress for the game. But with [tight end] Jordan [Reed] going down and having a couple other players go down, we thought Fred was a good insurance policy. And he stepped in there and did a good job when he was asked to play.”

On tight end Jordan Reed:
“Treatment will help him this week. He’s getting treatment. He’ll be here throughout the whole week, and we’ll see where he is next week. I can’t tell you for sure, but it’s still the same thing – the quad’s a little bruised. Hopefully with a week’s rest, he’ll be ready to go.”

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