Since Super Bowl XXVI

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Aug 6, 2011
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It has been 20 years since the Washington Redskins beat the Buffalo Bills Super 37-24 in Bowl XXVI with probably the best team in Redskins History.

On the night of January 26, 1992 we watched what was probably the Greatest Redskin Team ever hoist the Lombardi Trophy in a 37-24 win over the Buffalo Bills. It was the third Super Bowl win and probably the highest point in franchise history. We saw a team dominate to a 14-2 Record, with only one meaningful loss. In 1991 Redskins had the NFC East Title and Home Field wrapped up before any other NFC Team qualified for the playoffs. They never trailed once in the playoffs and Marc Rypien was never sacked. Rypien appeared coming into his own and becoming a QB that would lead the Redskins to many more glory days. Coach Gibbs was in elite company joining Chuck Knoll and Bill Walsh as the only coach to win more that 2 Super Bowls. The Redskins had more Super Bowl Titles then the Hated Cowboys.

This made me think how bad it has been for the for the Burgundy and Gold since that 1991 Season. Redskins Nation had no idea of the storm to follow…..

•4 Playoff Appearances (1992, 1999, 2005 & 2007)
•1 Divisional Title (1999) the other 3 appearances were as the #6 seed
•0 NFC Championship Games and Super Bowl Appearances (Every NFC Team except the Detroit who the Redskins Faced has made it to the NFC Title Game including the Carolia Panthers who did not exist and the Seattle Seahawks who were in the AFC in 1991).
•3 Playoff Wins (1992, 1999 & 2005)
•1 Home Playoff Game (1999)
•4 3-1 Starts without making the playoffs (1996, 2003, 2008 & 2011)
•1996 Missed the Playoffs after a 7-1 start
•2000 & 2008 Missed the Playoffs after 6-2 starts
•9 Head Coaches (counting Joe Jackson Gibbs twice)
•20 Starting Qbs
•6 Winning Seasons (including an 8-7-1 season in 1997)
•No Record better than 10-6 (1999 & 2005)
•10 10 or more loss seasons



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Aug 3, 2009
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20 QBs in 20 years. That alone would be enough to doom us to mediocrity or worse. Add in the coaching carousel and shoddy team management and you've got the trifecta for franchise ineptitude.

And we're going to get another QB. Hopefully one that'll be good enough to stick around for a while.

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