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Sign Larry Foote, Trade Rocky McIntosh


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
Foote has the size and experience in the Pitt 3-4 to help the Redskins transition in 2010.

McIntosh at 6'1 and 230 is a prototypical 4-3 linebacker and I don't see him fitting in as mate to Fletcher inside as floated by Bruce Allen.

Given the #2 level tender, I think the Redskins are signalling that they are willing to take a deal for the 27 year old McIntosh in a year when a deep draft means extra picks are at a premium.

If you consider the 'fit' issues with the 3-4 and his injury history, I would take a late #3 or even early #4 for him.
You know Foote is only listed at 239 and the same 6'1", right BD? Pretty much the same size.

Now if your argument is that the skill set is completely different and you don't think Rocky can play inside that is different...
I agree that this is part of the plan. Rocky's knees are such a question mark

If the Redskins can get a 4th for Rocky they should pull the trigger
Foote is 30.

He may have lightened up a bit to play in DET, I recall him being 245-248 (?) in PITT earlier in his career.
Signing Foote and trading Rocky seems to be the opposite direction the franchise wants to head. Why not give Rocky a chance, and see if he can fit into the 3-4? He might surprise some people, as he's very athletic.
if he is retained my guess is that Rocky gets the one year tender.

the Redskins are not going to resign him to a long-term deal because he 1) doesn't really fit a 3-4 in an ideal sense and 2) has a history of knee problems which may indeed shorten his career in the NFL.

the last thing you want to do is sign a guy to a 5-6 year deal and give him guaranteed dollars and then have him out and done with one more major knee injury.

if I am not mistaken Rocky came INTO the NFL with some personnel people questioning his longevity because of his physical health.

now, he's 5 years old and has an additional couple of injuries to the knee he's faced.

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