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SI: One year after Lions fired Millen, Detroit's biggest problem remains

Ouch. Every Redskins fan who has complained about his team at any point in the past 20 years needs to be sure to read that piece. :paranoid:

Other thought I had reading it ... the pressure on Campbell/Zorn to make the passing game go this week is even greater than I'd thought. You do NOT want to be the team that got it's passing game owned by the worst pass defense in the history of professional football.
I don't agree with SI's bleak assessment for the future.

Mayhew got value in the trade of Roy Williams last season and drafting Stafford is about the next 6-8 years in Detroit not simply 2009.

No doubt Mayhew realized there were too many holes to fill in one offseason sois taking a measured approach.

The SI article talks about both passing defense AND passing offense.

In 2009 the Lions are building the latter with Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

Who is to say with the offensive skill players in place that CB will not be the major area of focus next April?

Only an idiot would look at an 0-16 roster and criticize Mayhew for not addressing all need areas in a single offseason.

This is a 3-4 year rebuild.

Recall Jimmy Johnson drafted both Aikman and Walsh in Dallas when they were starting over and suffered through a 1-15 start.

Kevin Smith and Deion Sanders came later.
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Well, if Mayhew's able to find a huckleberry to fleece like J. Johnson did to Minnesota in the Herschel Walker trade, grab a bonanza in high picks and turn several of them into perennial Pro Bowlers, he'll be on his way. ;)

I do think it's fair to take the Lions to task a bit for ignoring the pass defense completely in the '09 draft and free agency, however. We've been critical of the Redskins for ignoring their obvious area of need, the OL, in recent draft/FA seasons ... and for all our complaining, the Redskins OL has not been the worst in the history of professional football for three years running, or whatever the Lions secondary is. The piece may have been typically hyperbolic, but the thesis is defensible.
Lions will win 1 or 2 games this season (maybe), and draft Eric Berry 1st overall next season. He will go a loooooong way to shore up their pass defense. Either that, or they will trade down and collect a ton of pics - although I feel like they're more likely to make the splash pick. However, trading down would be a great strategy, as this draft is being touted as maybe the deepest of all time. 1st-round talent will be available almost into the 3rd round.
Ouch is right. Wow.

I do agree that picking a QB in the first round is sound, but if you have TEN picks and spend most of them on offense when your defense is that bad ... yeesh.
It's sane for Mayhew to believe it will take several drafts to rebuild.

I am sure with Culpepper at qb the team would win more games, but in 2009 that may not be the biggest consideration.

Perhaps Mayhew looks at 2009 as the year to build the nucleus on offense and 2010 to do the same on the other side of the ball.

He may feel he needs that second #1 overall pick in 2010.
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