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Should there be a Pro Bowl? Should it be tweaked?

Jugband McGillicuddy

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Jul 24, 2009
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This was easily the worst Pro Bowl I've ever watched (well, watched part of.) :laugh: I really think I could have played in that game without any fear of being injured. And I probably could have gained 4-5 yards had I gotten at least two carries. These guys weren't even playing flag football. This was like Girl-Scout-camping-trip ball.

I understand the reason for it. You don't want big-money stars injured in a meaningless exhibition. But at the same time, the Pro Bowl deprives us yearly of what we'd all like to see -- the very best players from each conference actually PLAYING football.

So my question to you is two fold. Should there even BE a Pro Bowl? And if so, what would you do to make it more interesting to watch, while still protecting the players?
Here is a GREAT article about how to tweak it:

3. Combine the Pro Bowl rosters with a pool of impending draftees.

Take the same 100 NFL players or so who make it to the Pro Bowl and, in this scenario, add the top 100 college football prospects who are healthy enough to play. Randomly mix and match them into four teams, and play a four-team tournament (under Pro Bowl rules, of course). Do two games on Wednesday night and have the winners play in the standard Pro Bowl on Sunday.

Everyone wins a little bit here. NFL personnel guys get to see how college prospects react to practicing and playing with guys who are much better than them. College players get to show off their abilities while playing alongside some of the NFL's best players. Fans get the first glimpse of the league's next crop of stars weeks before the draft. You don't really care about Ben Roethlisberger throwing to Antonio Gates, right? What about Andrew Luck throwing to Mike Wallace? That isn't more interesting?

I haven't watched a Pro-Bowl in over a decade! Instead of the actual game, they should have a series of different competitions ranging from track and field to obstacle courses and call it something like...Battle of the NFL Stars.

I love the NHL's format - an all-star draft. Pick captains for either side, and have them draft from a pool of all-stars. Also, they should bring back the skills competition.
The Pro Bowl is useless. Never watched one, never will. All Star games are just money grabs and have absolutely no value. The fact that almost every league is talking about making the games mean something is absurd.
Not to mention, most of the good players sit out, either because they have the slightest injury such as a hang-nail, or if they're playing in the Super Bowl the following week, which by nature, steals a lot of players in and of itself.
I heard someone come up with a good suggestion. Like 7 on 7, make everyone eligible and at some point play both ways. Maybe have the Pro Bowl vets play the All-Rookie team.

Wouldn't you love to see Raji or someone similar run a route?

Something needs to be done. Have more drop kicks like Brees attempted. Do something! That was an awful excuse for a game. Only time got interesting was when AFC got after Newton.
The pro bowl is pointless. I like the Battle of the NFL Stars idea. Combine things like the NFL fastest man competition, the QB skills challenge, maybe a weightlifting competition, a flag football game, and then a few random fun events with no relationship to football but show their athletic prowess and competitive fire like volleyball, swimming, etc.
I can't remember the last time I watched a pro-bowl. Probably the early 90s.

Set a roster. Have an event where the players show up and shake hands. Make a little money. Call it a day. The game itself is worthless.

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