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Shaun Suisham


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
I kept telling people earlier in the season to forget about Suisham's record making kicks in meaningless circumstances.

Against Dallas and again today when he had the chance in the second half of a competitive high-pressure game to salt the contest away from makeable range, he again let his team down.

The guy is just not a money kicker.

As far as I am concerned Suisham needs to go.

And I hope the next GM/Coach looks at special teams and recognizes immediately the truth:

Suisham is great when the game is 17-0 and there is little pressure on him but unreliable when the score is 24-24 in the fourth quarter AND that Antwaan Randle El on punt returns equates to accepting poor field position week after week.

In a way #6 reminds me of a goalie that puts up good numbers in the regular season but can't stand up to the pressure of playoff hockey.

Certainly the Redskins made enough mistakes today where the team should have been in the Win column. And the referees certainly did give the Saints a BIG assist today in going their way on 2 calls that took 5 minutes to review and were 50/50 on replays.

But we all know that the team has those other areas to improve on in the offseason.

What isn't so clear from the statistics is how detrimental a guy like Suisham can be given hs good overall ratio of attempts/attempts made.

You have to look at the body of work in context.

Who is going to stand up and be counted when the game is on the line and who is going to let his teammates down?
two games he has cost us this year; thankfully that means a better draft rather than missing the playoffs. I think we bring in someone at this point to audition for next year.
Suisham can suck my crank. He had a chance to make a FG I could have made and choked out. Bring someone in this week and cut his ass
I've been forgiving of Suisham this season. Every kicker misses one now and then, especially clutch-kicks.

But there is no excuse for missing a 23 yarder. Ever. That's as bad a miss as I've ever seen from a kicker. Absolutely terrible.
As you know, I've been one of Suisham's supporters.

Loyalty is a choice, not an obligation-and performance determines my loyalty.

Bye, Shaun.
I still think Suisham is a better than average kicker. But Henry is right that missing a gimme in a game this huge - really, any game, but especially one where we're playing out of our minds - is inexcusable.

And don't get me started on Mike Sellers :)
When you're 3-9, the only thing left to play for is pride. Suisham took pride away from his teammates today by failing at the simplest of tasks. He also failed the previous two weeks. His teammates can no longer count on him. That's enough reason to get rid of him.
Albright was quoted as saying he gave a high snap, which threw off Suisham's rythm...although it all looked pretty smooth to me. You gotta make that kick!
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The snap was high but handled and placed with no problem. If it threw Suisham off, he should have his head examined.
If it were me, I'd have told Suisham to pack his stuff, and take it with you when you leave tonight. As others have pointed out, he is unreliable when it counts most.
Even Tony Dungy said he would have to cut him after missing the kick yesterday and the pair in Dallas a couple weeks ago and Tony is a pretty nice guy.
I'm highly disappointed that he is still employed this morning. Maybe he's another of hte danny's fav's
The Colts signed Matt Stover. The Redskins signed Shaun Suisham.

One of the reasons the Colts win and the Redskins don't.

Bill Polian in the front office and leaving a capable staff intact makes all the difference.

Note how Baltimore has struggled in the kicking game since Stover left.

Stover was 'only' good from 45-46 yards and in and no longer had long range.

So what?

If a guy makes his kicks from 25-45 yards in crunch time that is what you need to win most of the time.

Good teams don't depend upon a 56 yard field goal very often :)
What makes me the most frustrated with the Redskins is that coming off the worst season among kickers in the NFC in 2008, the only competition Suisham faced in 2009 was Dave Rayner, a journeyman who had no real resume as a regular kicker in the NFL.

You would figure if the team took special teams seriously they would have brought in more legitimate and veteran competition.

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