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Shanahan leads the South!


Shanahan will get a real good look at a lot of players in January. Will he fall in love with one of the quarterbacks? Or will he want to trade up for RG3?

Of course the same can be said of Vikes HC Leslie Frazier who's coaching the North squad. Another wonderful element to add to the off-season.

I will say I'm having a bit more than my usual interest in this off-season since the Redskins seem to have adopted a much more intelligent and potentially beneficial perspective toward adding good football players to the team. The drama just makes it more fun. (At my age, adrenalin in medicinal. :bucktooth:)
I was under the belief that the 2 coaches who came closest to making the playoffs without actually making it, become the coaches of that game ?

Did they change the rules ?

What are you talking about? We were right there all the way to the end!!!!!!:)
Good to see that our staff will be coaching the south team. The best players are in the SEC and Big12. Toss in some ACC players as well. This is a great chance to scout players up close and personal.
There are so many scouts and team reps at the Senior Bowl that I don't think the coaching staffs gain that much of an advantage anymore, other that how well a guy may pick up your offensive or defensive schemes.
The only QB I have heard that's commited to the Senior Bowl is Kellen Moore from Boise State.
So far Moore is the only one to commit. RG3 can't play in the senior bowl, he is only a junior. I expect QBs Foles and Tannehill to play.
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Actually RG3 isn't a junior he is the 3rd. His dad was a junior.
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The desk that this computer of mine is sitting on, is more mobile than Grossman.

Now, what happens if Shanahan gets fired before the Senior Bowl, and we don't have a new coach by then. Then we're screwed. And so are the Seniors.

Shanahan is not getting fired.

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