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Search function has never worked for me

Fear The Spear

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Sep 28, 2010
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When I say, it has never worked, that's not to say it doesn't function at all - but it never gives me any search results at all - even when I am positive that I am searching for a word that I have definitely seen before, and have set a wide enough search criteria. Every single search attempt results in zero results, when I know for certain that the net that I threw was large enough to catch the word I was looking for. This has been going on for the entire 2+ years I've been on the site. Any insight ?
I will look into it this weekend and see if I can figure out what the problem is.
Fear, can you give us some information about which browser you are using and what version of that browser, please? I doubt it is browser specific but it always helps to try to replicate things on environment as close to the one the issue was reported on as possible.
I have taken a look at search settings and have made some tweaks. Didn't find anything that would explain why you would be having an issue, but you can check and see if it's fixed now. Good news is, we'll soon be on a different vBulletin version and the issue may disappear then.
It works for me, but it usually pulls up a lot of irrelevant results along with what I'm looking for. Sometimes I'll type in the exact name of the thread or a portion of the exact name that I'm looking for, and it pulls up every thread in that particular forum.
Fear - give us what the search terms and options you were using when it doesn't give results. (if you don't mind)

It seems to work fine for me too. There's a lot of options with the search, and I've found (not jus there, but on other forums using vbulletin) it to be very easy to accidently check or highlight some option that narrows the search so much there are no results.
Btw this is the review I wrote

(....This is by far the BEST Redskin fan site on the web. Before discovering BGOBSESSION I was searching the web for any team snippets....like an animal!

No. I'm not sure how you get 'added' but none of the staff did so.
It's all good, just seeing if it would be beneficial to know about it or not.
Okay any suggestions on why pics won't load? One's of my greenhouse anyway.

File too large maybe?

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