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Sean Taylor Murder Trial


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Jul 15, 2009
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Sean Taylor Murder Trial - Update: Rivera convicted of 2nd degree murder

For those of you who use Twitter-

David Ovalle of the Miami Herald has been live tweeting from the courtroom all week. He is worth a follow.

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Unfortunately for the casual fan or non fan this isn't newsworthy anymore. It's been almost 6 years, people have short memories.
It was almost 6 years since the Jodi Arias murder, when her case went to trial, and blew up in the media.

There has been older and much less intriguing stories than this one, get more publicity.

It just seems like it's being purposely swept under for some reason.

It's the media that "force-feeds" stories, whether or not the "casual fan or tv watcher" asks for it.
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Unfortunately for the casual fan or non fan this isn't newsworthy anymore. It's been almost 6 years, people have short memories.

Yup, even the local stations haven't covered squat except for the first day...
I am so tired of hearing defense attorneys insist their client was forced into confessing

That is the only ploy this defense attorney has. His client spilled his guts after being Mirandized. Hell, he even drew a picture of the scene.

He is dead meat.

Adios, mother****er.
Because remembrance is greater than vengeance, not that those ****ers won't get what's coming to em
I remember Sean everyday. He is my desktop background photo.

Vengeance? No.

what did you do?

what did i do?

were you wearing different shoes?

was i wearing different shoes?

what a maroon!


"Is your name Eric?"

"Is my name Eric?"

Defense attorneys never want their client to take the stand unless it's a hail mary attempt. Now we know why. The State is going to absolutely destroy this guy.
I've been staying out of these threads because it just pains me too much. I did want to give one word of advice to those of you who are following this...

Prepare yourself for disappointment. Prepare yourself for a "WTF" moment. Because if you don't there's a chance you're just going to become very, very angry and it's simply not good nor worth it for any of us at this point.

I've said this before, but I think it's worth repeating. This trial has been dragged out as far as it could be. That was done on purpose. It's a charade. The whole intent is to lower the drama, lower the emotions, (you wonder why it's not being covered? it's because its old news to people outside of redskins nation) but more importantly to make people forget things. To give witnesses a chance to forget, or change their story, or otherwise destroy their credibility. It gives the defense a "But he was just a kid, he's an adult now and has learned", it was an accident, defense. It's done to get defendants off or a significantly reduced sentence.

It works. If it didn't it wouldn't be such a prevalent tactic.
This kid admitted to everything in detail after being Mirandized. He even drew diagrams of the inside of Sean's house.

Today he says he's never been in Sean's house.

Even the OJ jury would see right through that.
Rivera on cross by the prosecution-

"Would I lie under oath to help someone?"

"Yeah, I would."
How the hell were these clowns not found guilty and sentenced already?

They kept playing the system with delaying tactics and then firing attorneys when the courts patience ran out.
The right to remain silent was designed with this man in mind.

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