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Screw you Mike Shannahan!


Nov 17, 2010
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I live in the warmest city in the coldest provinc
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I was excited when you showed up, our biggest hole was on offence and you are known to be one of the great offencive minds in the NFL.

I didnt like when you gave up draft picks for Mcnabb, I have always said he is overrated and not a championship level QB but I figured, " who would know what shannys offence needs better than shanny?" so I bitched a bot but gave that decision a pass.

I didnt like us signing the 2004 prowbowl team at RB, but hey Shanny can plug in almost any running back and they will excel, I did wonder why we werent grabbing some young guys with upside to play specials and develop, but its shanny and who knws better than him what he needs?

I was perturbed when we didnt sign any real wideouts , (roydell and joey? really?) but I figured hey we have devin and malcolm, maybe shanny sees something I dont? then a couple solid free agents came up and we took none of them.

I was disturbed that we didnt sign any Olinemen other than williams lick and hicks, but BMW got hurt and i thought we should grab some more young guys, but again who knows this o better than shanny?

all of those things, I was willing to sit back and watch it play out, after all who knows offence better than shanny?

we have two very good tight ends, so you would assume we would run a lot of 2 TE sets especially with our weak oline, but then who would know how to maximise offencive talent better than shanny?

then he started screwing with the defence, first off he demands we run a 3-4, was it because we were obviously a better fit for that scheme? NO, it was because HE WATCHED FILM OF THE TOP 3-4 DEFENCES AND SUPPOSEDLY OUR DEFENCE AND CAME TO THE CONCLUSION IT WOULD BE BETTER FOR US. only an idiot would think this team is a better fit for a 3-4 and only a real moron would stick to it when its failing on a consistent basis. defence is not like offence, you dont "build for next year" because for defence there is no next year, we wont have most of these players next year AND IF WE DO WE BETTER NOT BE RUNNING A DAMN 3-4!

He knows that this scheme cant possibly work (or he is stupid which i doubt) so he hires a fall guy yes man who is known as a motivator to at least get guys playing hard. but still this is a bad play.

Then he decided he didnt like our best defencive player, so he took it upon himself to alienate him and use him as his new whipping boy, if you think this is new, go look at denver, guys like darryl gardner, trevor pryce, those guys got in his doghouse too, sounds like the little bugger has size issues. they offered to let him go elsewhere IF HE GAVE UP MONEY HE HAD ALREADY EARNED. then they lied to him about forcing him to play NT, then they made up some stupid fitness test to use on a guy who was visibly thinner than the year before. wtf now the latest is against the best oline we facede all year so far he sits our only threat on the dline.

after watching this aborted mission of a season to this point, I gotta say SCREW YOU MIKE SHANNAHAN, YOU DONT KNOW SQUAT ABOUT DEFENCE hire a real DC and trust him with running your defence WITH THE BEST POSSIBLE SCHEME FOR YOUR PLAYERS. and concentrate on doing what you were hired to do, FIX THE DAMN OFFENCE, and if that means firing your kid , then you better damn well do it.
Another board I'm finished with because of jackassedness...

not everyone is gonna put their heads in the sand all season ntoro, I;m not gonna give a pass to someone simply because they coach my favourite team, the truth is that ive gone through this a few times all of the warning signs are there.

1- what we do works -even when its clearly not
2- I know better than you do because I have rings- even when a monkey with a crayon and a vcr could have said the 3-4 wont work here.
3- we can get by with what we have because I can coach them up- umm not so much
4-I know everything about everything and my word is law- except when i make an obvious mistake regarding something I obviously know little about.
5- my word is law so I will pick a player and make him the focus of everything, people will forget about MY mistakes because that player is already unpopular with many, too bad he is one of our best players.

did I miss any?
You have some valid points. I have said it in support of your assertion and you have done likewise, the need to go to a 3-4 was a huge mistake! I will chalk 78% of the offense's problems to an offensive line that is beyond suspect. Stephan Heyer is TERRIBLE!!!

I think what many on this board are tiring of is your arrogance that you call confidence. It is beyond confidence when you consistently "talk" down to others if they don't share your opinion. There is a fine line between making your point and discarding others' opinions because they don't jibe with your's. You, my friend, do not appear to have found that line.

The very title of this thread is proof enough you have little respect. As smart as you are, couldn't you have been a little more creative than this?
Eh, like I said in the game thread, I'm willing to give the coaches another year or two. If we don't we just end up with more of the same **** that we've had since the danny came here
The 4-3 being good was a mirage how many times did a team march down the field and score a td on us to win a game over the last 6 years plenty.

The switch to the 3-4 this year makes perfect sense in that it allows players to get a feel for it so that when we acguire more players that fit the system it will be run better and we wont have a drop off

Fixing this team in one offseason is impossible but we made good strides and some good draft choices this offseason with a few minor FA pickups will help out tremoundously.
First of all, I would certainly hope no one would ever consider leaving a board because of the style of a single poster. Tell me that's not the case.

Secondly, although I understand the strong sentiments, I think when it comes to internet all-caps 'shouting' and other over-emotional responses, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes good points and interesting perspectives get lost in the noise. It's why, after a bad loss, I really don't do a lot of posting.
Eh, like I said in the game thread, I'm willing to give the coaches another year or two. If we don't we just end up with more of the same **** that we've had since the danny came here
How were those years between Gibbs leaving, and Mr. Snyder buying the team? The Norv years?

Brought to us by J...K...C I&II
Just some friendly advice...

Take it down a few and realize that there are other things that can make your day better. I love being a fan and I hate being a fan. However, it does not rule my life one way or another. The bad cold that I have now will still be around for a few days and watching my favorite team today didn't help my spirits. Even if the Redskins could've won this game, I'm sure that my bad cold would still be around for those same few days.

Just saying that there is more to life than ranting vehemently on an internet message board. It won't make the team any better or any worse. Strong rants will not see to it that the bus arrives five minutes sooner to Redskins Park later tonight. I can't worry about these things. I have my health to consider at the moment. I have many other concerns in life that need more attention than my fandom. I'll always cheer for my beloved Redskins, but it is not the center of my little universe.

Get a hobby. Hook up with good friends or a significant other and enjoy a night out. Do things that will occupy your time in a much more efficient manner. Do some volunteer/charitable work and be the person who is a difference maker. Do these things and when a dreadful Sunday afternoon arrives, you can be upset and angry, but know that there are other things in life that await you - good things.
:hanged:You gotta have thick skin nowdays to be a fan of this team.
If you remember, we got caught during the first years of free agency with our pants down. We had an old team that had just won the Super Bowl. When we could no longer pay to keep those guys because of free agency or they couldn't play anymore, we were screwed.

Dallas on the other hand, was coming out of their 1989 disaster of a season and had young players acquired pre-free agency. That allowed them to keep the dominant O Line and the big three through the 90's

Norv was Norv. We just didn't know him yet. However, he got us to the NFC East championship in 99 and we went a couple of games into the playoffs. The next year the danny ran both Norv and Brad Johnson out of town, Norv before the season was over and Brad afterward. Johnson went on to win the Super Bowl with Minn or Tampa, I can't remember.

When Mr Cooke died in 97, he left the team in flux. John Cooke was in charge, but he really had no power. I'm not going to explain the whole situation, you can look it up yourself.

It's all been downhill from there. Yeah the danny got Gibbs back, but even then there was no solid foundation to build a team, just star acquisitions. Even Gibbs had to rely on "Five in a row or we don't go" crap instead of powering into the playoffs

danny has been a failure as an owner
I think the rebuilding process in 93 was a sham pulled by Norv
You gotta have thick Skin to live life. Being a football fan is effortless. If it's not, you're doing it wrong.

Then I am getting it all wrong. I have spent a lot of money going to 5 games this year, money it took effort to earn.
In other news...

Jayson Werth just signed a seven year deal with the Nats.
Then I am getting it all wrong. I have spent a lot of money going to 5 games this year, money it took effort to earn.
It's no different than casino gambling. If you can't afford to "lose" it, don't go. ;)
Burgundy Burner, FTW :)

Thing is, while suppressing the urge to shout the 'F' word, we'd all like to evidence of that elusive 'P' word.


That we aren't seeing signs of it, ANY sign of it, is disheartening. Any fan can accept rock bottom and wait for better days after a transition when they see progress. It's the lack of it that is so tough to endure.

Despite the fact that my gut told me from day one that McNabb was not part of the answer (not even a temporary part) and that Henry has been right all along - that the new leadership in Ashburn should've immediately committed to a youth movement in a major way - I will continue to preach patience.

You can't be handed onions and produce vanilla pudding. The Shanallens inherited a pretty bad team, and a culture fairly immersed in losing. Does that provide blanket amnesty for what appears to be a dearth of progress? Nope. They've made mistakes. I think McNabb was one of them, but I can still understand the move if they were convinced they'd seen enough of Jason Campbell (and who wasn't convinced?). Personally, I'd have rather we kept Todd Collins or given Colt Brennan a chance for the season, if only to avoid spending picks for McNabb even if he came relatively cheap.

I think the defensive switch was also a major miscalculation, but that the bigger miscalculation was bringing in Haslett who appears to have no answers so far. He could prove us all wrong in 3 years (if he lasts that long), but I'll be surprised if he does. I think Om nailed it early on - he's at best an average DC.

And I don't think Ryman could be more wrong laying the blame for the Haynesworth debacle on Shanahan. The Shanahans 'alienated' him? Are you kidding me? The guy is a waste of time. We should have cut our losses when we could. He's nothing but a wasted roster spot and a drag on this team.

I think the real measure of Shanahan and Allen is what we see this offseason. I think you may see a major infusion of youth. They overestimated the talent on this team - even with guys like Moss and Cooley. We need young talent across the board, and we need every draft pick we can dig up. We also need a young QB who is teachable. On defence I don't know what we do. Short of jettisoning Haslett and starting over, I am not very hopeful. And with all of the help we need on offense, I hate to use draft picks on the continued transition to the 3-4. Short of firing Haslett and going back to the 4-3, I think that's exactly what we'll do.

In general, I think regardless of a lack of evident progress, we have to remember that we are 2/3rds of a season into a new regime's tenure. To expect them to turn things around that quickly is likely unrealistic. They deserve criticism, because the Redskins appear to be getting worse, not better. But that doesn't change the fact that we are very early on with a new coaching staff, new offense and defense, and things could improve with a new infusion of younger talent. I've got 3 years worth of patience in me. After that, I'm lighting my torch and joining the mob marching on D.C.
It's no different than casino gambling. If you can't afford to "lose" it, don't go. ;)

Ha! If I didn't know any better, I would swear my Dad was speaking to me from the beyond. :angel:

Good thing is I am blessed enough to have the opportunities. I told myself after 12 years living out of the area, once I returned I would go to as many games as possible. If it wasn't so cold, I would even go to the Ravens game tonight. I love attending games!
I usually find being a well behaved fan effortless, but I have found myself getting unusually angry at our team lately. I think they have failed my expectations this year, and as an outsider, I think they could have done a few things better, which is probably the main source of my frustration.

But, we have legitimate football people running our team. I have to give them more time. I always think coaches should get at least 3-4 years to implement their systems and show improvement. I think it is unfair, to coaching staffs, to fire them earlier. There are so many issues a new coach has to deal with. I really do not think half the fans understand the effort involved. I know I don't. Unless, of course, you find a coach that is out of their element like Spurrier or McDaniels (I believe he is). Then they need to hit the road before they set your team back years.
I like Shanahan and Haslett is a ? mark, but there is one thing i kind of question nowdays with Shanahan's style. Is it even possible in today's game to win with a run first style? When's the last time a running team has won the SB?

If you look at it from a statistical point of view. Your odd's have to be better passing the ball mostly. The rule changes where you can't breathe on a QB or WR gives you a high chance of getting a penalty against the D even if you're unsuccessful on a passing attempt.

I don't like the changes at all and personally think it's been bad for football purists, but it is what it is.

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