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Scariest movie ever???


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Jul 15, 2009
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Burleson, TX
Just sitting here watching the beginning of The Exorcist. Never seen the whole thing that I can remember. But I'm already creeped out. Too late to watch the whole thing, but will have to schedule it for a complete viewing.

So, what do you consider the scariest movie ever?
No movie has scared me as an adult, but when I was younger, Witchboard scared the **** out of me. For those who don't know, it's about a Ouija board causing all kinds of crazy things to happen. Terrified me as a kid.
First scary movie I watched was PumpkinHead. Scared the bejesus out of me. Then I watched Jaws at age 9 and still won't go beyond my calves at the ocean.

Refuse to rematch either of them, though I'm sure they wouldn't scare me anywhere near as badly as an adult.

My wife and I watched the Ring when it came out and were terrified for the first five minutes, literally contemplating turning it off if it didn't get better. Hearts were racing and everything. But the rest of the movie wasn't anywhere near that bad. Saw the Excorcist, hell of a scare.

I love a good, well crafted suspense/horror movie. Hate the torture porn crap not the same.
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Was flipping around last night and ended up watching Alien for the first time in ... decades probably. That was a damn scary movie.
Me too H. What strikes me about Alien is that it holds up incredibly well after 32 years. The ship and space scenes look entirely plausible and not dated as you'd expect. Only thing that might be the exception are the computers - although it's tough to criticize the special effect and set guys for not being able to envision how far computer technology would go even in 32 years... Alien was the scariest movie I'd ever seen with in came out in 1979.
No movie has scared me as an adult, but when I was younger, Witchboard scared the **** out of me. For those who don't know, it's about a Ouija board causing all kinds of crazy things to happen. Terrified me as a kid.

Age has so much to do with it. One of the worst docu-dramas ever made scared the living hell out of me when I was 11... The Legend of Boggy Creek.

By the time I saw the Exorcist, it was the second release, so I was about 15 at the time. While it did give me the creeps, it didn't have the effect Boggy Creek did.

I do have to credit an old B&W film called the Tingler, which wasn't that scary in my opinion for getting me my first real kiss out a of a scared 13 year old babysitter who was there to help me watch my 2, 4, 7 year old cousins while the adults were out. She was quite frightened :)
Not so much now, but as a 13 year old kid, teh first Halloween scared the piss out of me. That, Dawn of the Dead and Alien. I remember checking my closet for zombies after Dawn of the Dead
Forget the Exorcist - if you want a real chill, watch the Exorcist III. There are at least 4 scenes in that movie that will scare the bejesus out of you. Underrated and creepy.
requiem for a dream...
The only time I ever watched that, me and my buddy had just eaten a bag of shrooms. Total mind ****, and can never watch it again. The thought of what I saw is enough to drive me insane :laugh:

The thing that creeped me out the most was when I told my sister about the movie and she said it wasn't the shrooms that made it that way, it was just a ****ed up movie lol.

Oh, and Mike nailed it with Poltergeist, I completely forgot about that - the only movie that scared me so bad I had to turn it off.
Make that two for The Wizard of Oz and them goddamn flying monkeys.

Never been scared by any other movie that I can remember.
Poltergeist scared you?

Lord - that's lame. One of the stupidest movies ever made imho. Now if you'd said Poltergeist II - I'd at least grant you that the old dude was a bit on the freaky side.

As a horror afficianado, I will only converse in this thread if you guys get serious.
Poltergeist scared you?

Lord - that's lame. One of the stupidest movies ever made imho. Now if you'd said Poltergeist II - I'd at least grant you that the old dude was a bit on the freaky side.

As a horror afficianado, I will only converse in this thread if you guys get serious.

Really? A horror snob? :)

I think part of what makes these movies so scary sometimes is when in life we see them. Jaws still ranks as one of the top horror movies ever for me because I saw it so young. My 14 year keeps asking me to watch it with her and I refuse. No desire to go back and do that again. Now, if she wanted to watch Night of the Living Dead or Nosferatu or something, or any of the B horror movies from the 50's or 60's, I'd have no problem with that at all.

Boone, as a horror buff, anything that has come out recently appeal to you? I like the first two Scream movies (and the fact that I am classifying those as recent makes me regret that caveat, btw), but haven't seen a whole lot else that I really enjoy.
I'll have to think on that one...kind of depends on how you define 'modern'. And there really are different sub-genres within horror. I don't have the patience for slasher films...I'm much more interested in films with a supernatural focus. 'Haunted' with Aidan Quinn is a pretty spooky example. One of my childhood favorites was an italian Mario Bava anthology with 3 stories. I remember one called 'A Drop of Water' that freaked me the **** out as a kid. I'm addicted to goosebumps, what can I say? :) On that front, the Paranormal Activity movies are pretty effective (not great movies, but effective horror movies). 'The Grudge' is another one that got under my skin. 'Se7en', 'Fallen', 'What Lies Beneath' are also great examples.
Not really a movie, but is anyone else here obsessed with American Horror Story on FX? I have to say, I expected it to be good, but every week exceeds my expectations by miles. Anyone who is a horror fan who hasn't watched it owes it to themselves to see it. It's an ongoing story though, so you have to catch it from the first episode.
Extreme, Mrs Coach is in that show and I LOVE, so I thought about watching it, but the reviews were so bad I never got around to it.

Boone, Fallen is one of my favs. I havent met many others who have seen it. I love some of the old John Carpenter movies as well, like In the Mouth of Madness. Can't stand the torture porn garbage from today. Much more prefer suspense stuff.
All the movies I think of as scary were older movies (Alien, exorcist, etc.). Many have said that the "scariness" has to do with how old you were when you saw it. There is a lot to that, but I also think horror movies have moved from well crafted suspense to pure gore. A movie that just wallows in blood is not scary to me and its not interesting or good. Some of those older movies could scare the crap out of you without being so gory.
Women went out to shop, so the two little guys are taking a nap, and I am watching The Fog. The 1980 versin by John Carpenter, not the remake. No one will ever watch these with me, lots of fun this afternoon.
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im bummed they remade his movie, the thing. but it has my girl mary elizabeth winstead in it so im torn.

I'll be renting it, though I'm sure it's not as good as Carpenter's version. I was so excited when I heard about it coming out, but the reviews haven't been great.
The 1982 Kurt Russell classic was, itself, a re-make. If you haven't seen the original James Arness version, it's worth watching. Like the remake of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' starring Donald Sutherland, the 2nd version was superior than the original (although it's a closer call when it comes to 'Invasion' - the first was pretty damn good!).

I haven't seen the second remake of 'The Thing', but will definitely check it out.
Mike, I tend to agree especially with movies like Boone mentioned "Invasion". I like both versions but they seem almost like two distinctly different movies. When the first "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" came out it was considered one of he scariest ever done particularly in comparison to what had been done up to that time because it was so "different" in that the "monsters" were basically human-or looked basically human which was more a psychological effect rather than the physical appearance being the main source of visceral repulsion.

The Sutherland remake reflected the increasing sophistication of movie making in the horror genre and the acting quality was better but what made it, and one of the reasons it is one of my all-time favorite horror movies of all time is that wonderful "sucker punch" ending which, for me at least one of my favorite ways to leave an audience gasping at the end in almost breathless shock.

I'm going to mention another of my favorites that also had this type of ending and a few more elements that make it another of my favorite all-time "scare the crap out of you" movies and that is the cult-classic "Phantasm" which combines elements of sci-fi and horror as well as that signature "falling elevator-stomach lurch"ending. Gotta love the "Ball" too and the "Tall Man" character is one of he creepiest I've ever seen.

I've mentioned here elsewhere that Hitchcock's"The Birds" is another all-time favorite of mine because of the "what the hell's going on?" Kafka-esque quality it has.

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