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Saying My Official GoodBye To Gibbs II


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Nov 3, 2009
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Port St John, Florida
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It's officially time to say Goodbye to Gibbs II. He brought his guys in (to include coaches), left withouht fulfilling the terms of his contract, and because of what we had in place the common theme coming out of Redskins park at that time was "consistency".

I appreciate all that #26,#89,#45,#61,#82,#95,#31,#93,#77, #15 have given us over the past five years. All in all, it wasn't a bad run. Sure, we had our ups and downs, but alot of those guys above were guys brought in under Gibbs to run a team he was comfortable running and they literally gave us all they had- you simply can't question that.

With Allen now in the fold, it's time to officially say goodbye to Gibbs II and the gang. Thanks for all you guys did to entertain myself and my family over the past five years, but like in the military, it's time to PCS (change stations) and bring in a new core group of players and coaches to get this thing moving in the right direction again.

Merry Christmas.
I really don't like the phrase "left without fulfilling the terms of his contract." A highly negative thing to say that really has no merit. After all he went through how anyone could disparage him for retiring is pathetic. Your post would've been decent without that sentence, but its inclusion makes me want to ignore the rest
He signed a 5-year contract and only stayed 4 years. Its just math. :)
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Retiring is different from not fulfilling a contract. Show some respect to a great man.
i,m very thankful to have joe gibbs for 16 years as redskins coach.all i,m going to add to this is that i,ve been that much more blessed to have him as our coach during his time with us and i hope he and his family has a wonderful christmas and a happy new years as well.i have the respect in the world for the man who made it real for us for a longtime.

merry xmas coach gibbs and even the joe gibbs racing family as well.
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Actually, retiring early was not fulfilling the contract, by definition. Its no disrespect to Joe, just a fact. He'll tell you the same thing. His reasons are irrelevant - anyone's reasons are irrelevant; if you only serve 4 years of a 5 year contract, you didn't fulfill it.
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Retiring is different from not fulfilling a contract. Show some respect to a great man.

I think you're making more out of a single sentence than was intended. Technically, as someone already pointed out, Gibbs didn't fulfill his contract. That's not debatable. I doubt there's anyone here that wasn't ecstatic that Gibbs came back, and thrilled to have him here the second go-round, even if that stint fell short of expectations. Lets face it - our expectations probably weren't terribly realistic :)

But I don't think anyone has done anything to show him disrespect - certainly not in this thread.

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