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Romo didn't know it was fourth down?


Maybe he's not just making up those duffus looks he gives off sometimes


Maybe Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's inability to bust through the glass ceiling against which his career is repeatedly bumping comes not from a lack of desire or work ethic.

Maybe he's just not smart enough to be a high-level NFL quarterback.

The first piece of evidence that's causing us to explore this theory comes from Sunday's loss to the Broncos. Per Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Romo possibly didn't realize that it was fourth down when it was, you know, fourth down in the closing seconds of the seven-point loss to the Broncos.
I guess some of those fine lookin' cheerleaders can be really distracting.:mmm:
Romo is an idiot. Plain and simple. The guy puts himself in these positions where he messes up and then says something stupid like this. Just like McNabb and the whole overtime fiasco.
Come on, Mike. Idiot? Ryan Leaf was an idiot. Jeff George was an idiot. Guys with million dollar arms and ten cent heads. Romo may be a lot of things, and his sudden celebrity may in fact have gone to his head, but he's a nobody who maxed out on his natural ability and has built himself an amazing life, and like or not, breathed life back into a team that had been dead for a long time.

If he's reached his ceiling, so be it. But I don't think it's fair to take his inability to reach the brass ring so far as a sign he's mentally deficient in some way. One could just as easily praise his as a total out-of-nowhere American success story.
I think I'll just say that there is evidence that his judgement is at times "questionable"-how's that for being diplomatic?:)

(I still think he'd do better if they'd hide those sexy cheerleaders somewhere during the game...I know it'd help my concentration when watching the damn game!:redface2:)

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