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Robert Griffin III: Now I know when it’s legal for defenses to hit me


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May 25, 2012
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First of all, if this is true, that's some real bad coaching right there. Every coach should make sure every rookie knows all the rules.

Secondly, for anyone that follows profootballtalk, it's no surprise that Micheal David Smith is a huge Giants homer and is a second rate writer (he is a blogger for christsakes). He constantly takes shots at the other NFC East teams. Maybe he should do an expose on faking injuries?

Every article the past couple of weeks that has been posted about RG3 on that site I can instantly tell the author just by the title. He constantly writes snide remarks and passes off his opinions as facts. For example after the Rams game and RG3's comments on all the extra "curriculars", his entire post was written in a tone to make RG look like a whiner. And he made this dumbass assertion simply because none of the hits RG3 took resulted in fines: "the league decided that all the hits on Griffin were well within the rules." That's an opinion, since I'm pretty sure the league didn't actually say that to him or any other journalists.

Sorry for the rant, this asshole is just one of the many trying to make RG3 look like the next Cam Newton, when in fact, there is literally chasm of character between the two. But I can testify to the effect of the media and the over exposure of RG3 on other fan bases. Like down south, everyone thinks he's a poor man's Mike Vick (as ridiculous as that is...) that hasn't done anything and is annoying. Why am I ranting lol
I'm down South and all I see and hear is that Griffin looks like he is going to be a hell of a QB.

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