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Rob Jackson suspended by League...


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Aug 4, 2009
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Grant Paulsenþ@granthpaulsen5m
Source: OLB Rob Jackson has been informed he'll be suspended first 4 games of season. He is appealing suspension. Appeal process ongoing.

Rich Campbellþ@Rich_Campbell2m
Redskins OLB Rob Jackson has been informed he is facing a 4-game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance, source says
I'm so ****ing over this ****.

Grant Paulsen ‏@granthpaulsen 49m
Jackson's pending suspension (first reported by @HBalzer721) was known before the team re-signed him, for those asking.
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**** can him. Forget the need, forget what he accomplished, **** can him now. I am so tired of season after season dealing with this **** from our idiot players. Damn it all to hell I'm ****ing tired of it.

edit: they knew BEFORE re-signing him? What kind of message does that send? Hey, come to Washington, where you can **** up, and we'll just hope you don't get caught.

Who wants to bet he blames Adderall?
It is what it is. The appeal is enough to tell you that this is the NFL going after the Redskins in many different ways. After the cap crap is gone by next year, but there will be another thing that comes along.

Watch for many penalties against Morris and the stupid new rule in place.
How in the hell can these players get paid ****ing millions a year and just can't say NO? Jeebus I'll shovel tons of human feces a day for what these guys are making, and do it drug free too.
Hard for me to pass judgment until we know (if we know) what exactly he was found to have in his system.

The Redskins seem to have an affinity for banned substances, and an aversion to cap room and compensatory picks.

Bummer. The curse may well still be alive. We're going to need more garlic, and maybe some stakes and mallets.
The Ineptitudes

Snyder, Shamahan, & Allen (aka Spineless, Gutless, & Nutless)

Keep bending over boys.
Nosferatu must die!
Mike Jones ‏@MikeJonesWaPo 25s
I'm told Jackson's suspension is related to an unprescribed pain medication.
Mike Jones ‏@MikeJonesWaPo 25s
I'm told Jackson's suspension is related to an unprescribed pain medication.

Zac Boyer (@ZacBoyer) tweeted at 7:40 PM on Wed, Mar 20, 2013:
Jives with @Russellmania980 report in season about toothache. MT @granthpaulsen Told Jackson took pain med to help w/ toothache before test.

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Ax, how is it anyone's fault but Jackson's?
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Jackson's fault, for sure. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that this sort of thing would be, and has been, overlooked, or ignored, for other teams. This is like the J. Black situation.

But, after toeing the company line, siding with the league in denying collusion, virtually bending over and offering themselves to Goodell and Mara in hopes of cap relief, they see what being Spineless, Gutless, & Nutless gets them.

On top of that, they gave a guy they know will miss 4 games this season, more than league minimum.
On top of that, they gave a guy they know will miss 4 games this season, more than league minimum.

I don't know, but to me it's pretty obvious they signed him knowing about the suspension due to a lack of faith in Rak staying healthy. He's what I'd call high quality depth.
And just like the brain dead Davis, and Williams, he's now a piss test away from a one year suspension.

My main point is, The Ineptitudes saved money by remaining concubines of Goodell and the other owners, by publicly bending over, but they're still their bitches. And will continue to be so.
Hopefully his pee cup was broken, right Sherman?
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Hey, have you ever known the Redskins to do it any way but the hard way?
you know what, it never fails to amaze me at how stupid some folk are.

They tell you to treat them adults, when you send them to college.

They tell you to "respect" them once they turn pro.

Then they decide they know better or their dude does.

ffs you know the league has your teams card marked, is it too much to hope that you engage your brain?

seriously the only person to blame here is Jackson, he decided to take an unprescribed drug, key word being "unprescribed".

Is so close to a full blown rant Scotland style but instead will finish with "Jings, Grivens Helpmabob".

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