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RIP George Michael

Lanky Livingston

Wow, this is really sad news. First Abe, now George - DC legends are dropping like flies! I didn't have cable growing up, so the Sports Machine was my ESPN.

Rest in peace, George!

Ugh ... awful timing on Christmas Eve. Beyond tough on his family and friends. :(

Here's hoping the knowledge that George is finally out of pain will help them through.

A giant in the industry. We'll miss you George.
I remember while I was living in D.C.; he was my favorite sports personality. He and Jim Vance were a great team. It seemed like he truly loved this team and he gave us fans the information we needed to be in the know.
just saw this as well. so sad to hear. he and brenner were legends. and, of course, who will ever forget the snappy repartee between george michael and jim vance.


rip, george...
Lots of outpourings from various sports figures about Michael - here are a few:

Dexter Manley: "George Michael was a giant in this community. He will always be a giant. The fact that I made it on The Sports Machine, I knew I had arrived."

Wes Unseld: "George and I both had a love for standard poodles....He bought hay that was grown on my farm....I rode horses up at his place."

Dan Snyder: "George was the consummate reporter and a valuable friend. I doubt we'll ever again see a sports reporter who was so admired by the people he covered."

Adam Schefter: "Farewell to one of the true pioneers of sports broadcasting. RIP, George Michael."

Homer McFanboy (themurf): "Growing up locally, George Michael is one of the major reasons why I love sports so much and why I wanted to cover the local teams. RIP."

Rick Maese: "Growing up without cable in Albuquerque, Sunday nights with George Michael were a staple and a vital connection to sports world pre-Internet."

Here are George's last public thoughts on the Skins, via the Mike Wise show: http://tiny.cc/Rl2OZ
Michael's thoughts on Snyderrato - pretty interesting:

"Let me tell you the truth: Dan does make I think most of those big-type decisions," Michael said. "He says 'Let's get this guy, let's get that guy.' And the guy that takes the heat for it--and it's why I think he's never gotten fired--is Vinny Cerrato. Now, Cerrato's painted as a bozo, but the truth is, what did Vinny Cerrato do for the team? Look at Chris Horton. That's the kind of guy he gets."

So Wise asked Michael if he thinks Cerrato is a capable talent evaluator.

"Oh, there's no ifs buts or ands," Michael said. "I mean, I know that for a fact, I know that from other people around the league. Here's the problem Mike--and God, I can't believe I'm telling all this truth--Vinny Cerrato is a ZERO when it comes to public relations and building relationships with people in the world. I'm sorry. My Good God. He doesn't ask why don't people like me, but you've got to go out and you've got to do things....I feel bad that Cerrato has not gone out and tried to build these relationships."
Man I grew up watching The Sports Machine. I really wish people would stop dying.

Thanks for work, George. We'll miss ya.
Man I grew up watching The Sports Machine. I really wish people would stop dying.

Thanks for work, George. We'll miss ya.

RIP to George. But death is a necessary part of life. Imagine how crowded the world would be if nobody ever died.

I for one will truly miss George. He was not only a giant in the industry, he was honest, forthright and just downright fun to watch. I will always remember him. Rest in Peace, George, the Washington sports world will never be the same.
Wow, that's so sad. RIP George. :( He was a broadcasting legend, truly funny, and an all-around cool guy.

I noticed that Jim Vance seemed more subdued last night than I remembered, so perhaps that's why.

RIP to George. But death is a necessary part of life. Imagine how crowded the world would be if nobody ever died.
True dat. So how about we limit the not dying thing to people I know and/or care about?
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I really didn't think the season could get any worse, today I have been mistaken.

Always was a big fan of George, so sad to see him go.

Thoughts a prayers to the family.
This is possibly one of my favorite episodes with him on Redskins Report

Well said Mike - "genuine" is the perfect adjective to describe George. You always felt like you were talking sports with an old friend.
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I was a big fan of the Sports Machine-and George Michael.

Rest, George, you will be missed.
Awww man. Geeez. I'm glad he's not in pain anymore.

I remember when he first came on Channel four, he was so unlike any sports caster on the air at the time.

And in the 80's, when I was stationed in England, he helped me get over being homesick because he was actually syndicated on the BBC in England of all places!

Thanks for making sports larger than life George

Thanks Forrest Gump's mom. :)

You're more than welcome. :)

it was between him and Glenn Brenner when I was a kid for best sports guy. My dad always went Glenn but it was a close race for sure.

When I moved out to CA and he was on "Sports Machine" I was shocked because I just thought I was spoiled having him as our guy but the whole country got to see what a funny dude he was.

that video of the model and him laughing is just a speck of the humor and genuineness he brought to the table.
Yeah, that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this. Like him and Vance, when I saw that clip the first time, I just couldn't stop laughing. The repartee between Michael, Vance, Arch, et al as well as Michael, Sonny and Riggo on Redskins Report was truly special and was one of the little things I've missed most about moving away from the DC area. Just a really good guy. Sigh. :(
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Growing up, I had one main source to learn about the Skins:

Redskins Report.

I loved that show and it still is without a doubt the best Redskins show that has been made (compliment to Pappas and Co. Skinscast has become my current favorite Redskins show/podcast).

George produced shows with a great deal of passion and he cared about DC sports, especially the Redskins.

I wish he could have seen the Redskins as a better team before he died.

George and Redskins Report and his Sports Machine will be deeply missed.

It's ashamed that nobody ever followed in George's footsteps with similar shows, his stuff is only 1000 times better than many of the programs on ESPN.

Rest in Peace George.

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