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RIP Amy Winehouse

Lanky Livingston

Who didn't see this one coming? Its a shame that the most talented artists are the ones who don't seem to be able to handle their demons. Interestingly enough, she died at 27. This is the same age that Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin & Kurt Cobain all died.

Bradley Nowell died at 28...seems to be the peak for tormented artists.
This seemed inevitable. I was a fan. But can't say I'm surprised. Some people just fall into a dark hole and can't get out no matter how hard those around them try to pull them back out. Sad.
Brian Jones, one of the original member of the Rolling Stones also died at the age of 27.
If my terrible math skills are correct, Heath Ledger was 28.

Very interesting, I wonder what the correllation (if any) is?
Sadly, I was a fan and I had her in the death pool this year. **** drugs.
Death pool?
The first time I ever saw one was on ES. At the beginning of each year, everyone participating has to pick three celebs they think won't make it through the year. It's morbid, obviously, but it's not for money or anything so I guess there's that.

Anyway, me and a few friends on facebook had one going this year and the three celebs I had for this year were Amy Winehouse (dead), Dr. Kevorkian (dead) and Lindsay Lohan. My wildcard pick was anyone from Jackass.

I believe it was Bang on ES that hit the trifecta a couple of years ago when Michael Jackson and a bunch of other celebs died.
Lol, not even close. There is no betting. (If he could read what I was writing he would know that)

For those who aren't familiar with it, a death pool is not a betting game. It's basically making guesses about which celebs will die before the end of the year. It isn't saying you hope they die. It is completely tongue in cheek, and the only factors anyone ever takes into consideration is extreme old age, disease, or train wreck metal or drug issues.

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