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Riggo: You Are the "B.M. of the NFL"

Must see TV....funny he brought up Bernie Madoff, because my Dad said something similar to me this weekend.

Way to go Riggo - I haven't had this much love for you since you crawled under the table and told Sandra Day O'Connor to 'lighten up Sandy baby...'
"Just keep this in mind my little friend, pride goeth before the fall, and I do believe there is going to be a fall". PERFECT!
You know Mike, I don't know that that would bother me. I'd think I would be able to say I had in some way made it were I to be involved in any way whatsoever with the NFL...even if just as the "B.M." ;)
Interesting comparison. Snyder akin to one of the most reviled men in America, the national symbol for greed, corruption and unadulterated arrogance?

Sounds about right to me.:)

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