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Riggins video

The sad part is that Snyder won't do a thing about it!. Is that doom and gloom Mike? Or is it just a cold, hard reality?
Actually, Riggo didn't directly mention Snyder at all-he reserved his comments for Cerrato and Zorn-in which he expressed the needs for both a skilled GM and experienced HC. What may transpire along those two fronts remains to be seen, although the coaching change seems to be developing at warp-speed.

The GM change?-well, that will say a lot-both if it happens, and if it does not.
Wish Snyder would listen to Riggo. The guy has forgot more about football then Snyder or Cerrato will ever know.
do you think if we got rid of snyder and brought in a new GM and HC the heat would be taken off him?

Not at first. The media would be waiting for Snyder to get involved again. It would take a two or three years of hands off before perception changes.
do you think if we got rid of snyder and brought in a new GM and HC the heat would be taken off him?

I'm not real sure who you're referring to as "him" here. But if I understand the gist of your question-my honest answer is that the ultimate fire extinguisher for the firestorm of criticism will be team performance on the field and pretty much nothing else. There will probably be a general expression of relief if Cerrato's job is taken over by a GM with a visible track record of previous success-as there will be when Zorn's replacement comes on board. The criticism of Snyder will noticeably reduce upon these two events but the fans/media/other observers will watch closely for signs of improvement in the team's performance-if, for example, the Skins are 11-5 and in the playoffs by the 2011 season-criticism will be hard to find.

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